10 Best Harem Games of All Time, Ranked


When most gamers think of harem games, they might think of a boring male protagonist struggling to decide which love interest to be with. Others may not think about games at all; instead, they can think of the similar anime genre that is immensely popular.

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Believe it or not, harem games are quite popular among gamers. Although the concept is as old as time, there are several gems tucked away in the harem genre of video games. These ten games present several potential love interests for the main protagonist while deeply engaging the player.

ten Mass Effect 2

Although Mass Effect 2 was criticized for a lackluster story, there’s no denying that it fleshes out Commander Shepard as well as their love interests. With a total of nine potential love interests in the game, many elements of the harem genre are also present.

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The game revolves around Shepard and their team’s quest to save the Milky Way from collectors. Not only can the plot be affected by the decisions Shepard has to make, but Shepard’s choice of a love interest can also prove beneficial or detrimental.

9 Sakura Wars 3: Is Paris Burning?

Like its two predecessors, Sakura Wars 3: Is Paris Burning? puts players in the shoes of main protagonist Ichiro Ogami as he interacts with his all-female team and protects the city of Paris from Salut and his Ghosts of Paris. Along with its turn-based battle system, there are additional sections of the game called Elegant Day in Paris and Dinner Mode, in which Ichiro can experience Paris and form a romance with a teammate of the player’s choice respectively. Naturally, the final scenes of the game differ depending on the chosen love interest.

8 Brilliant Resonance

The last entry in the Bright series, Brilliant Resonance is a JRPG starring Yuma Ilvern, a young man born with the soul of the Shining Dragon. Realizing this fact, Yuma and his group take it upon themselves to protect the dragons, once believed to be extinct, from exploitation by the Empire.

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A little like Sakura Wars 3, Brilliant Resonance includes a relationship indicator that keeps track of Yuma’s interactions with his party. Regardless of gender, if handled properly, many of these interactions will result in dating scenes in later in-game events.

seven Helltaker

One of the less orthodox harem titles, Helltaker literally begins with the main protagonist waking up one morning with one goal in mind: to create a harem of demon girls! Needless to say, the principle of the game is extremely simple.

Each demon girl embodies an archetype that can be seen in the harem genre, such as the shy and nerdy girl, the absurdly curious girl, and the mature secretary. Gameplay-wise, players must complete a small maze in hell to reach every demon girl before time runs out.

6 HuniePop

For players with a cruder sense of humor, HuniePop can be a game to discover. After being approached by Kyu the Love Fairy, the protagonist takes charge of his love life and ends up courting a total of twelve women in town.

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While nine women are available at the start of the game (Kyu eventually becoming an option), the player must meet certain conditions in order to unlock the other three. When it comes to encounters, players must complete a match-3 puzzle game within a set number of rounds, which has become a staple among gamers. HuniePop Fans.

5 Azure Dreams

A little like Helltaker, Azure Dreams comes as a dungeon crawler, having Koh, the main protagonist, walking through the giant tower of Monsbaiya. Although Koh’s main objective is to search for his missing father, climbing the monster’s tower also offers him a chance to save some of his potential love interests.

Azure Dreams has a total of seven girls that Koh can pursue a romance with. Although some of them can be saved from the tower, pursuing certain side quests, namely helping to develop Monsbaiya, will help rekindle the relationship between Koh and his chosen partner.

4 Design 2

Also known as Children of the Seven Stars, Design 2 follows in its predecessor’s footsteps by incorporating the ability to create Star Children with the female cast. In this case, however, protagonist Wake Archus’ goal in creating Star Children is to fight monsters and defend the world of Aterra.

In order to create more star children, Wake must grow his relationship with the female cast to rank S, the highest rank available. Not only will this improve the strength of the Star Children, but the heroines will also become stronger in battle.

3 personas 5

personas 5 is easily one of the most popular JRPGs today, with fans citing the game’s visual representation and combat system as standout qualities. But in addition to its graphics and gameplay, the game also includes elements of the harem genre.

Although there are exactly twenty-one possible Confidants, only ten of them will result in a romance with Joker. As with other harem games, the deeper the relationship between Joker and his romantic interest, the better they will fare in battle, with some Confidants going so far as to protect other party members from lethal attacks.

2 Riviera: The Promised Land

The Grim Angel Ein is accompanied by four sweet heroines as he tries to remove the four sources of evil. While the game uses a turn-based combat system that can be found in other JRPGs, Ein is also able to pursue one of her female companions as a romantic interest.

In particular, chasing every girl will affect the trust between her and Ein. Naturally, the game’s ending will also be affected by Ein’s choice, with a special scene featuring him and his love being present at the end.

1 The Legend of Heroes: The Paths of Cold Steel 4

In addition to its excellent combat system, The Legend of Heroes: The Paths of Cold Steel 4 also features a variety of romance options for Rean Schwarzer, the game’s main protagonist. Similar to HuniePopby gifting certain items to the female members of his party, Rean can deepen the affection between them, resulting in romances ranging from wonderful to lackluster.

Although Alisa has had a romantic interest in Rean from the start, he is able to ignore her in favor of the other girls in his party. Out of his party, Rean has eleven daughters he is able to woo, more than any other entry in the Trails of cold steel series.

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