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In Marvel Comics, Peter Parker fell in love with a girl named Gwen Stacy, and it wasn’t until her death that he met Mary Jane Watson and began one of the greatest love stories in history. history of comics. However, for many fans who have never read the comics, it was the opposite, with Peter and Mary Jane dating in the first Spider-Man movie trilogy and then Gwen appearing in the next iteration of the franchise.

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Mary Jane Watson debuted in The Incredible Spider-Man # 42, where she spent much of her life as a friend of Peter’s before the two finally started dating years later. Their relationship got so strong that fans rebelled when Marvel ended their marriage and now it looks like they might finally get their second chance to love in the comics.

She knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man from the start

Mary Jane kisses Spider-Man.

When Peter Parker was in high school, before meeting and starting dating Gwen Stacy, Aunt May tried to play the role of matchmaker and put him in touch with her friend’s niece, Mary Jane Watson. MJ lived near Peter and she was watching the night Uncle Ben died and saw Peter Parker running around his house and then Spider-Man flew away.

From that moment on, Mary Jane knew that Peter was Spider-Man. There were times when she denied knowing it and even hid it from herself. However, she was the first person to learn Peter’s secret and keep it to herself for years.

She dated Harry Osborn first

Spider-Man between Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson share one of the greatest love stories of all Marvel Comics. Their marriage was one of the best in Marvel history and they stayed together for many years. However, Peter wasn’t who MJ first dated in the comics.

With Peter dating Gwen, Mary Jane went out with her best friend Harry Osborn. It was not a healthy relationship as Mary Jane often laughed at Harry and fired him, even flirting with Peter in front of him. This led to Harry being depressed and eventually overdosed on drugs before he finally turned evil and became Green Goblin after his father died.

Mary Jane had an intense fear of venom

Venom threatens Mary Jane.

Mary Jane has primarily supported Peter Parker’s career as Spider-Man. There were times when the role of a superhero came in between them, but she was never really scared of her villains because she was as tough as they come. There was one exception, however, as MJ was terrified of Venom.

Much of his fear came from the fact that the Venom symbiote was part of Peter Parker at one point and was controlling him in several ways, even changing his personality for the worse. When Eddie Brock faced off against the Venom symbiote, he terrified Mary Jane to the point that she begged Peter not to wear a black suit as it reminded her of the trauma.

Mary Jane became a soap opera star

Mary Jane as a movie star with Spider-Man.

From the moment Mary Jane first appeared in Marvel Comics, she was an aspiring actress. She ended up working on several plays when she was dating Harry Osborn and continued her career when she was with Peter Parker.

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After the marriage of Mary Jane and Peter Parker, she achieved her greatest success. She got a role in a popular soap opera called Secret Hospital. Sadly, she had to quit her job when an obsessed fan attempted to kill her because of her character’s actions on the show.

She and Peter lost their baby

Mary Jane loses her baby.

Mary Jane and Peter Parker received great news when they found out she was pregnant and about to have a baby. The pregnancy prompted Peter to quit his role as Spider-Man, and they moved to Portland to live as husband and wife. However, it ended as one of the most tragic moments in Mary Jane’s life.

Sadly, one of Green Goblin’s associates poisoned Mary Jane and the baby was born dead. There is a mystery here, however, as the woman took the baby away and he was never seen again. In another timeline, Peter and MJ had a baby named May Parker.

His marriage to Spider-Man has been erased

Mephisto separates Peter Parker and Mary Jane.

Peter Parker revealed his secret identity to the world during the Civil war storyline when Iron Man convinced him it was the right thing to do. However, Spider-Man quickly decided he was not on Tony’s side in this war and switched sides, forcing the government to send people after him.

His aunt May was shot as a result. With Aunt May’s death, Spider-Man went to seek help from Doctor Strange. When he found no help there, Mephisto showed up and offered a deal to Peter Parker and Mary Jane. If they renounced their marriage, he would save Aunt May, and they both agreed, their marriage shattered, and An extra day has begun.

She gained superpowers in Spider-Island

Mary Jane with powers in Spider-Island.

Spider-Island began when Jackal released a serum all over Manhattan that turned everyone into mutant spider creatures. With everyone running out of spider powers, it was up to Spider-Man and his friends to stop them and get things back to normal.

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One person who remained good was Mary Jane Watson. She was in New York City when this happened, but was mildly immune to the virus thanks to her past relationship with Peter Parker. While everyone mutated into giant spiders, she remained in human form, albeit with powers, and helped save the day.

Mary Jane worked for Tony Stark

Mary Jane watches Spider-Man leave the apartment.

Mary Jane has had a series of bad luck spells, with her New York club destroyed during an event, and then her Chicago club also destroyed thanks to a battle with Iron Man, Doctor Doom, and Madame Mask. It was around this time that Tony Stark offered her a job as a personal assistant at Stark Industries.

She then worked with him extensively, saving his company at one point when the board attempted a hostile takeover. She was also there to keep things together when Stark found himself in a coma after Second civil war.

She made a movie with Mysterio

Mysterio talks to Mary Jane.

Mary Jane Watson received her own comic book series in 2019 titled The Incredible Mary Jane and in that series she worked in a movie about the Sinister Six. What no one knew was that the director, Cage McKnight, was actually Mysterio in disguise.

Mary Jane knew from the start, but she played like she had no idea it was Mysterio. However, when she told him she knew, they continued to work on making the film, with Mysterio wanting a fresh start and Mary Jane giving him the opportunity.

Mary Jane is part of Mephisto’s future defeat

Spider-Girl is coming for Mephisto.

Spider-Man’s most recent story has seen him battle a demonic villain known as Kindred. For much of the story, Spider-Man thought the demon was Harry Osborn, who had gone wrong again. However, there was a lot more to it and he turned out to be clones, brought back from Mephisto’s hell realm to defeat Spider-Man.

Ultimately, it was Mary Jane who helped Spider-Man survive the attack. When Doctor Strange asked Mephisto why he was so obsessed with Peter Parker, he revealed that it wasn’t Peter he was afraid of. It was May Parker, the future Spider-Girl, a heroine destined to defeat him. This is why he wanted to end Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage and why he called on Kindred to kill Spider-Man. The daughter of Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker is still arriving and will be Mephisto’s downfall.

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