5 things to know about UCF Giving Day 2022



UCF Day of Giving is a 24-hour fundraising event. It’s a day for every Knight – alumni, faculty, parents, students and friends – to come together to celebrate all that we love about UCF.

At Thusday, April 7Day of Giving is back and better than ever.

Here are five things Knights should know about UCF Giving Day 2022:

1. You can help UCF increase its reputation and ranking.

We try to reach 5,000 donors on donation day. This means that every donation, big or small, brings us one step closer to our goal. If you are a UCF graduate, this is even more important.

Did you know that our alumni engagement rate – the number of alumni who give back to UCF – impacts our ranking in US News and World Report? The more UCF alumni come together on Giving Day, the higher our college rankings can rise, enhancing UCF’s reputation and prestige — and the value of your degree.

So spread the word and help us reach our donor goal on April 7th. Every dollar makes a difference, and every donor helps us improve our ranking.

2. You can make an impact in any area of ​​UCF you want.

Did you know that $125 can buy a graphing calculator or help support a future nurse with her clinical scrubs? When you give to UCF, you decide where your donation goes. Support a college, scholarship or program that is close to your heart.

Direct your donation to a college or cause you love. Support your favorite sport. Fund a furry four-legged officer for the UCFPD K-9 unit. Provide food, clothing and personal hygiene products to students in need through Knights Pantry. Give to first-generation scholarships, student resources, or innovative programs, like Limbitless Solutions and PedsAcademy’s STEM Pediatrics Program. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours.

3. You can help your college, school or department earn bonus funds.

For the first time ever, we’re bringing friendly competition into the UCF Day of Giving with leaderboard displays. Colleges and units that lead the way in number of gifts or number of dollars will have the chance to win bonus funds. And the higher your favorite university or unit climbs in the rankings, the more bonus funds it can earn.

With $150,000 up for grabs, rally your Knight friends and competitive spirit to ensure your cause comes first, amplifying the impact of your donation.

4. You can become competitive with your participation.

Do you want your gift to go even further? Challenges give you more chances to earn bonus funds for your favorite UCF cause. Compete in all-day, hourly, and social media challenges on April 7.

If you win an individual challenge, you can choose where the bonus funds go. The more bonus funds your college or unit earns, the more amazing things it can accomplish.

5. Your support shows others how much you appreciate UCF.

UCF Day of Giving is a full day to celebrate UCF and show the world what it means to be a Knight. By supporting with a gift, liking and sharing on social media, engaging your fellow alumni, friends and family, you are sharing amazing things happening at UCF. By amplifying these stories, you can invite more people to experience all the greatness connected to our university. So get ready to share on April 7 and celebrate everything we love about Knight Nation.

Bonus: your donation is tax deductible, which is an added benefit for your support.Day of Giving gifts are eligible for tax deductions based on IRS regulations during the calendar year in which the gift was made. After donating to UCF, you will receive a tax receipt in the mail within seven business days. Claim a deduction of the amount of your donation to UCF – up to $300 if filing as an individual or up to $600 if filing jointly.

Join us in celebrating UCF Giving Day by donating on April 7 at dayofgiving.ucf.edu.

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