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Becoming a vegan is one of the best wellness decisions a person can make. However, it’s not always easy to get started, especially if you live in a small town. Fortunately, there is a vegan app for this.

In fact, there are plenty of apps on iOS and Android that can help you find vegan ingredients, recipes, alcohol, and more.

Here are our best free vegan apps for newcomers and veterans.

1. Good cow

HappyCow is a vegan app with a long history and heralded in the scene. It was one of the first of its kind, giving vegans all over the world their one-stop shop for the best local vegan food. again.

This app is perfect for vegans, but vegetarians and flexitarians will also be able to refuel here. You can even choose to exclude channels from your search results. Browse by restaurant type, department, seating, and Wi-Fi layouts, as well as other categories, such as raw, organic, and gluten-free.

There are also social features in the HappyCow app. You can meet other vegans in your area and follow your favorite restaurants, with the app dumping every review into one centralized news feed. Who knows? Your next night out on the go might just earn you a whole new herbal friendship.

To download: HappyCow for Android | iOS (free)


2. Cruelty Cutter

Cruelty Cutter is the most efficient vegan scanner app on the market today. It’s our vegan checker of choice for many reasons, including its exceptional performance. Another key benefit is that it covers not only food and grocery products, but cosmetics and beauty as well.

Take a product, scan its barcode, and prepare to be surprised. Even some popular lines of “all-natural” self-care products failed this test. Cruelty Cutter is one of the best apps for vegetarians who hope to clean their cabinets and purify their lives. It’s also perfect for new vegans to have on hand when shopping, just in case.

When you find an offending product, the app gives you two options: boycott it and “bite back”. These buttons simply invite you to share your discovery on Facebook and encourage you to keep fighting the good fight.

With a simple interface and valuable information, Cruelty Cutter is a useful resource for spotting sneaky products on the go.

To download: Cruelty Cutter for Android | iOS (free)

3. 21-day vegan kickstart

21-Day Vegan Kickstart is the perfect vegan meal planning app for those who want to make a change, for now or forever. If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of ​​a vegan detox, this is a great place to start. One of the most useful features for budding new vegans is the grocery planning feature of this app.

This unique approach will allow you to rediscover all the aisles of the grocery store. It puts in front of you a huge list of popular vegan ingredients and just asks you to choose what sounds good.

Before you make your own list, however, you should check out the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart first. Receipts tongue. You can choose from dozens of amazing, doctor-approved recipes with step-by-step instructions. These vegan recipes vary, from simple, satisfying projects to full-fledged weekend projects.

You will have so much fun, these 21 days will pass quickly. Before you know it, you’ll have officially gone from mortal to vegan.

To download: 21-Day Vegan Kickstart for Android | iOS (free)

4. Vegan calculator

Becoming a vegan is one of the most environmentally friendly decisions a person can make. If you’ve always wanted to know how much of an impact you have, the Vegan Calculator is one way to get the hang of it.

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All you have to do is tell the app how long you’ve been a vegan. You can also use the vegan calculator website. You’ll be shown how many pounds of C02, how many square feet of forest cover, and how much water your lifestyle saves the world on average. It’s one way to keep your spirits up, especially if you are just starting out.

To download: Vegan Calculator for Android (Free)

5. Plant

Veggly is your regular and regular dating app, with one exception – it’s dedicated to vegans and vegetarians. Yes, you read that right: this is the vegan dating app you’ve been waiting for.

On Veggly, you can add all of your stats to your profile, and that covers pretty much everything: how long you’ve been a vegan, your political affiliation and level of activism, and even your sign.

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Once you’re there, it works like any other dating app. Swipe left or right on local vegan singles to connect or move on. Love is truly in the air.

To download: Veggly for Android | iOS (free)

6. Vegan additives

There’s a reason vegans are constantly looking for hidden animal ingredients on labels. It’s not always as easy as finding powdered milk, so to speak.

Vegan Additives is a handy little wallet filled with many ambiguous or unusual ingredients that overlap the fence and are not necessarily mentioned on a product’s branded packaging. All are noted either vegan, Can be vegan, Where Not vegan.

Using any of these listed ingredients reveals a quick glimpse of how the call was made.

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Vegan Additives is a really interesting trawl, especially for new vegans.

To download: Vegan Additives for Android (Free)

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7. Gonuts

Gonutss is the ultimate vegan recipe app for those who already love to cook and bake. It’s able to take any of your favorite recipes and instantly convert them to vegan ingredients and ratios.

The app also offers shopping suggestions and recipe ideas to get you started. You can convert by nutritional content or by cooking need, scrolling through different binding agents, leavening agents or fat fortifiers. Those who follow a strict diet will be able to calculate exactly how much tofu, tempeh, or spirulina they will need to meet their dietary goals.

Gonutss also offers The magic list. Essentially, this is the best summary of the application of vegan staples: vinegar, spices, legumes, ground flours, shelf-stable lipids, etc.

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We encourage anyone who still needs to build their vegan arsenal to give this list one more time. A well-stocked pantry means you’re ready for anything at all times.

To download: Gonutss for Android | iOS (free)

8. Vegan

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is never a sure thing when you’re a vegan. For example, many brands of wine actually use animal by-products, such as ingredients derived from eggs and fish, during the refining process.

Vegaholic is an app that helps vegans find great wine and other alcoholic drinks and check whether a brand you discover in nature is safe to consume.

It’s a simple app, but the answers we found shook us deep within ourselves. Nothing in this world is guaranteed, especially when you are a vegan. We will definitely drink to it.

To download: Vegaholic for Android (Free)

Free vegan apps: going green has never been easier

These apps are perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who has ever considered making the switch on their own. Whether you try one or all of the apps, you’re bound to learn a little about being vegan and a lot about yourself.

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