Actress Sophia Bush wanted a Monique Lhuillier wedding dress for her engaged wedding to Grant Hughes in Tulsa


Matthew Collins did Sophiacreate a simple and classic bun and make up Afton williams manipulated the beauty of the bride. “A blooming rose became our expression to describe the look we were looking for – warm, romantic and tender” Sophia said. Maria Caruso Martin of the Bella Rosa collection made the bride’s handbag, custom-embroidered to match her dress.

longtime friend Jessica McCormack created the couple’s alliances. “She now works with fair trade gold on her wedding rings, and it was very meaningful to not only work with someone we know and have a relationship with, but to do it with soft materials for Earth”, Sophia Explain. “It fit perfectly with my business, Fashionkind, and our mission as a whole. To that end, we asked another Fashionkind friend and designer, KATKIM, to make my diamond ring.

At the start of the ceremony, Sophia and To agreeThe parents of walked together as the first members of the procession. “We wanted the love and equal partnerships of our parents to open our ceremony and walk in their footsteps,” Sophia said.

The parents were followed by the wedding party – a mix of men and women on either side. And then, in another effort to honor the mothers in their lives, they had three of their best friends…Mandana Dayani, Sophiais a partner and co-founder of i am a voter; her best friend Lily Lasuzzo of Post & Co.; and Jessica Lawmaster of Related Leaders— walk their daughters down the aisle as bridesmaids. The girls wore dresses Cruciatus Petunia.

A wedding and a very committed procession

Once everyone has walked, Sophia and To agree descended the stairs on either side of the galleries of Villa Philbrook. “We met in the middle, we took each other’s hand and together we entered our marriage,” Sophia said. “As we approached the driveway, we slowed down to look at everyone there – our friends and loved ones. It was such a sight to behold. And then we went down the driveway to meet our emcee, longtime best friend and prolific author Jedidiah Jenkins.

The couple asked Jedidiah talk about community. The friend of couples, activist Brittany Packnett Cunninghamwas also called first to read her article, Freedom is a community project, written for the flag of John Lewis. Next, Sophia and To agreerelationship coach, Laurie Gerberofficiated the vows of couples. Laurie spoke about his work with the couple, who completed their multi-year marriage preparation course within months, and how theirs would be a teaching marriage because they personify his credo that love is, in fact, a verb.

The couple walked into the reception and started their first dance with a friend Jack Garrat play an interpretation of Sunday kind of love by Etta Jamessupported by the group. Sophia knew there would come a time during the evening when she would want to change into something more elegant. “My dress was exquisite but also took up a lot of space, and we had to dance!” she says. “So Kevin and I worked with Emilia Wickstead to design the second dress. She has long been one of my favorite designers and I had just worn her to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.


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