Apex Legends clip shows what happens in lower level Lobbies

Apex Legends

Apex Legends / Credit to EA / Respawn

A recent u / ashenjoyer reddit post gives us a humorous look at what it’s like to play in the halls at the lower end of Apex Legends’ skill-based matchmaking spectrum.

The post is titled “0.2 K / D Lobby Activities” and is humorous due to the relatively low skill level of everyone involved in the clip. In the clip, u / ashenjoyer is locked in a tense 1v2 situation in the last ring of the match. They have almost lost a few times, but are finally able to outdo their opponents and win the game.

The video is meant to be a laughing matter, as can be seen from the added soundtrack and the poster’s subtitles poking fun at themselves.

“tsm please recruit me, I can be Snip3down’s replacement. I literally have a divine goal.” The u / ashenjoyer subtitles read like they breathe in almost every stroke of their R-301.

The comments are a mixture of jokes at the expense of the poster and appreciation for sharing the clip.

“It’s … one of the worst gameplay I’ve ever seen. By all parties,” said one redditor. “I think it required a yakety saxophone,” said another.

Some comments have said that while the post is funny, it also serves as proof that the game’s skill-based matchmaking system works.

“I mean everyone’s complaining about skill-based matchmaking, but it seems to have worked out perfectly in this scenario,” one editor said in the comments.

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