Back 4 Blood: How to activate cross play


Crossplay will be a game-changer for Back 4 Blood. It’s a survival horror game where you can team up with three other people in a cooperative campaign mode. You can choose to do this through twinning or setting up a lobby with invited friends and other people for more coordination.

What’s a very popular feature is that this game has cross-play from the start. That’s right, you can play this game with people on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC in the same group. Here’s how to get started.

How to activate cross play in Back 4 Blood

To begin this process, head over to one of the NPCs in Fort Hope. The menu with four different tabs will appear. Go to the Play section. The menu will appear with options to select Quickplay, Campaign, or Versus.

Below, go to your preferences. It will bring up a menu giving you matchmaking preferences. You can choose settings like having a private lobby for Campaign as well as voice preferences and most importantly: cross play.

You can turn it on or off. However, for better matchmaking and to expand the people you can play this game with, especially if you have friends, you would like to keep it.

You will know if you have enabled the option when you see the corresponding indicator above the Quickplay option. It will have a double crossing arrow symbol followed by the words “Crossplay On”. It will also allow you to add friends on other platforms so that you can throw a party to play together. They will also need to have the same settings as you for this to work.


Back 4 Blood is now available in Early Access for Ultimate Edition buyers. The game will be released for everyone on October 12, 2021. You can get this game on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X, and PC through Steam and Epic Games. To check out more information on Back 4 Blood such as news, guides, and even an upcoming review, click here.

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