Bhavana Menon opens up on Dileep’s alleged assault


Hyderabad: Actress Bhavana Menon finally broke her silence on the alleged assault case involving Malayalam actor Dileep and took to social media on Monday to discuss the case.

Bhavana was reportedly attacked, kidnapped and assaulted in Kochi in 2017. Dileep was the main accused in this case. According to the law, the media and the police withheld Bhavana’s name and withheld his identity.

All these years, Bhavana never spoke to the media or made public what had happened to him. But it has finally opened.

“It has not been an easy journey. The journey from victim to survivor. For 5 years now, my name and identity have been stifled under the weight of the assault inflicted on me. Although it is not. not me who had committed the crime, there have been many attempts to humiliate, silence and isolate myself. I am not alone in this fight for justice, “she wrote on social networks.

The actress further wrote: “For justice to prevail, for evildoers to be punished and no one else to go through such an ordeal again, I will continue this journey. For all who are by my side – a great thank you for your love. “

Many celebrities in the Malayalam industry shared his post and showed their love and support.

Unfortunately, as Bhavana said, the transition from victim to survivor is not easy. It’s easy for people to ask why the victims don’t name their predators. But there are a lot of unseen circumstances that contribute to this.

We are happy that Bhavana is receiving the love she needs and deserves.

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