“Can’t wait to see what Katie can do for us” – Taylor poised to reap rewards as Matchroom moves from Sky to DAZN

KATIE Taylor will hit a financial jackpot with a groundbreaking promotional deal announced this afternoon.

Ddie Hearn’s Matchroom Sport organization – which promotes all of Taylor’s fights – has signed a five-year, multi-million dollar deal with global sports streaming company DAZN.

Taylor will become the poster child for women’s boxing on the DAZN network which will now have exclusive rights to broadcast her fights worldwide.

According to Joseph Markowski, executive vice president of DAZN, fighter Bray will “definitely” be the queen of the DAZN calendar.

“We work with big names in the sport all over the world and there is no bigger name in women’s boxing than Katie Taylor. I can’t wait to see what Katie Taylor can do for us.

Since turning pro after the Rio Olympics, Taylor has transformed professional women’s boxing. She’s already the highest-paid professional fighter in history, winning the very first million dollar purse for her rematch against Delfine Persoon last year.

This deal has the potential to net her millions more as long as she continues to dominate the lightweight division.

“Katie would absolutely choke me if I talked about finances,” suggested Matchroom Sport president Eddie Hearn.

“But she’s absolutely a top priority for our company to make sure she gets what she deserves, because she’s an absolute superstar and DAZN feels it too.”

The new deal ends Matchroom’s 25-year relationship with Sky Sports, which has televised all of Katie’s 18 pro fights.

The DAZN platform operates differently from Sky whose business model is based on pay-per-view combat.

DAZN operates a subscription service – there is an introductory offer of € 1.99 per month for Irish subscribers. All DAZN content is then available for viewing.

Taylor already has a business relationship with DAZN as most of his US fights have aired on their network outside of the UK and Ireland.

“DAZN has been absolutely critical to its development and in terms of finances as well, as they have been broadcasting its fights in the United States for a long time,” Hearn said.

The Matchroom boss has also confirmed that the possibility of Taylor headlining a show in Dublin is back on the agenda. During an appearance on the Late Late Show on Friday night, Katie again reiterated her desire to fight in Ireland.

Even though Hearn has all but ruled out the prospect of a scheduled showdown next year between Taylor and Amanda Serrano at Croke Park, he has vowed she will fight in Dublin before the curtain falls on her career.

“Well, she’s the absolute boss and I’m petrified of her. So basically I do whatever she says, and I know she wants to do it, ”Hearn said.

“So I really believe the fight in Ireland is inevitable. She keeps telling me that she has five, six or seven years left so we’ll have to see.

“I am so proud of her. When I see her on the Late Late Show I can’t help but smile because people can see the real Katie Taylor. He is such a genuine person and I really appreciate his success.

Asked about the obstacles preventing the mega fight against Amanda Serrano from happening at Croke Park next summer, Hearn said; “I think potentially bringing Amanda Serrano to Croke Park is one of them.

“There hasn’t been a lot of large-scale boxing in Ireland for a while now and I would have liked nothing more than to bring a big Katie Taylor fight to this territory. I think something around St. Patrick’s Day at Madison Square Garden in the Great Hall would also be a defining legacy fight.

“But we are open to all options. I see this fight (Serrano) having a rematch and probably a trilogy because I think it’s just a great fight. Katie has always spoken so passionately about an event in Ireland. We can see if this will be part of the future with DAZN.

Hearn revealed he had a conference call with Taylor’s manager Brian Peters on Wednesday morning to discuss his boxing itinerary for the next 18 months. He has confirmed that his next fight will be in September.

“She’s in a great place. Brian is a dear friend of ours and Katie is one of my proudest projects in sports. It’s something that is much closer to me than business.

“Over the years, with all of our contracts with Brian, we’ve ended up tearing them up halfway and giving her more money because she deserves it. Women’s boxing is changing all the time because of what it does. We just have huge plans for her and while we’ve accomplished so much with her, there is so much more to accomplish.

Pointing out that DAZN has long been committed to women’s sport through its long-standing sponsorship of professional women’s tennis, Joseph Markowski said Katie Taylor will be at the top of their list of ambassadors.

“There is huge, huge potential for her personally and for us around her fights. We make decisions based on the economic interests and growth of our business.

“Katie Taylor is moving our business forward in a very positive way. We want to keep working with her because it’s a good deal for her and a good deal for us and for Eddie (Hearn).

Information on DAZN subscriptions is available at the link below.


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