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Couples who went ahead and got married during tighter pandemic times with few to no guests and are now in their second go-around with larger groups are also contributing to the rush. They compete for services with those who had always intended to marry this year. “We’ve been out of trucks for some dates this year and it’s never happened before,” said Ben Goldberg, co-founder and president of the New York Food Truck Association. “Our phones ring nonstop with clients looking to host weddings they had to postpone during COVID.”

“We see a lot of last minute bookings with shorter scheduling windows,” said Anna Noriega, owner of luxury company Alorè Event Firm in Miami. “With increasingly widespread vaccinations and on-site COVID testing available for events, we have seen an increase in customer numbers and a surge in bookings. “It’s just a very big part of our culture,” Balagopal said of the extravagance. “In the end, it was really important to our parents.”

Now their big celebration takes place on August 15 outdoors at their home location in Park City, Utah, with around 230 guests and multi-day events, including seven clothing changes for the bride and groom. Many of their relatives in India are not allowed to travel to the United States. Above all, she is past the frustration phase of being a pandemic bride.

She and Suhaas Prasad, 33, met in 2014 and got engaged in May 2019. They planned a traditional South Asian Indian wedding last August in Utah, where Balagopal grew up, with 320 guests and events over five days. But they couldn’t get there under the pandemic restrictions. They decided to have a small sunset ceremony this month with less than 10 people in attendance at Muir Beach near San Francisco. This is where they had their first date and where Prasad proposed. Namisha Balagopal, 27, of Emeryville, Calif., Is among the double brides.

The boom is also active in wedding and bridesmaid dresses. “The wedding is going to be so much fun. It’s just deferred gratification at this point, ”smiled Balagopal.

“Couples get super creative and have ceremonies on Thursday evening or Friday afternoon just because of the number of people getting married this year,” Lord said. “We know that 90 percent of brides this year are looking to get married in outdoor locations,” where there are fewer restrictions. “Going forward, it will be an unprecedented wedding season this year,” said Maggie Lord, vice president of David’s whose online wedding planning guide, Rustic Wedding Chic, was acquired by the company. David’s has been tracking vast data on marriages during the pandemic. Economy chain David’s Bridal, with 282 stores in the US and more in the UK, Canada and Mexico, has 300,000 dresses in stock in part due to the drought of weddings in 2020.

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How he made his fortune Fri, 11 Jun 2021 11:47:51 +0000

Geoffrey Edelsten is perhaps best known as a flamboyant, larger-than-life character with an expensive taste, but he earned every penny he spent.

Edelsten, 78, died in his apartment in Melbourne’s CBD on Friday. Victoria Police said the body of a man was found at the St Kilda Road house and the death was not considered suspicious.

A report will be prepared for the coroner.

Edelsten, who spent the last decades of his life with much younger women including Brynne Edelsten and Gabi Grecko, spent a lot on luxury items but didn’t always have the money.

He started out in medicine in the mid-1960s, but didn’t realize significant profits until two decades later thanks to an idea that revolutionized the way people access medical help.

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After working as a resident at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, he moved to general practice in rural New South Wales.

He and a friend started a business in Sydney in the early 1970s, and while the idea behind Preventicare was revolutionary, it didn’t take off as he had hoped.

In 1984, Edelsten introduced what has been described as a “smart” new look for medical clinics. Its clinics offered group billing and 24-hour service, and many were adorned with luxury items including pianos and chandeliers.

Edelsten made headlines regularly, most notably when he was struck off medicine in New South Wales and Victoria for unconventional medical practices. He was also jailed in 1990 for paying a hitman to assault a former patient.

Despite the controversies, it was reportedly worth as much as $ 100 million at one point.

The colorful GP then founded Allied Medical Group with a business partner in the 2000s.

But in 2014, he admitted to having exploded most of his fortune – up to $ 63 million in two years – thanks to “stupid” investments.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported at the time that Edelsten claimed to have only $ 90 in cash when he filed for bankruptcy in the United States.

The report notes that Edelsten claimed to have “wasted” the $ 28 million from the sale of four medical centers in 2011.

He also launched a website called Australia’s worst journalist, which consisted of unflattering stories about himself.

Edelsten’s dynamic lifestyle, which included a fleet of Rolls-Royces, also led him to relationships with younger women.

He met and married his first wife, model Leanne Nesbitt, in the 1980s. In 2009, he met fitness instructor Brynne Gordon on a blind date in Las Vegas and had it. married in a few months.

Contacted for comment on Friday evening, her agent told “It is with great sadness to learn of the passing of Dr Geoffrey Edelsten today.

“On behalf of Mrs. Brynne Edelsten, we send our deepest condolences.

“Brynne and Geoffrey have had a great time, including their marriage which has seen Brynne live in Australia since their marriage in 2009.

“As their marriage ended after 5 years together, Brynne remains grateful for the good times the couple shared together and is deeply saddened and shocked to hear the news of her passing.”

Brynne, who was 25 when she met Edelsten on a blind date in Las Vegas, married the multimillionaire in style. Their lavish wedding on November 29, 2009 will be talked about for years

The couple, who had an age gap of 41, raised eyebrows with their breathtaking lavish nuptials that cost Melbourne’s Crown Casino $ 3.3million, considered the most expensive wedding ever to have. Australia.

In an interview with Stellar magazine, Brynne said she never married for money.

After her split, Edelsten was linked to model and fashion designer Gabi Grecko, 46 ​​years younger. They got married on June 11, 2015.

Edelsten and Grecko got engaged in November 2014 after he proposed to her in the Melbourne Cup at Flemington Racecourse.

Edelsten, who became the first private owner of the Sydney Swans AFL club, also had close ties to Carlton.

Former Swans and Blues player Greg Williams told 3AW on Friday night: “He was a great man, Geoffrey.

“People had an opinion of him, but he was very different from the real opinion. He was a great guy with a big heart and he loved the Swans even though he had barricaded himself for Carlton.

“He loved football and he couldn’t have looked after me better than him.

“I loved Dr Edelsten. All the guys who played for the Swans I’m sure there are some great memories there.

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Gold under the new regime Thu, 10 Jun 2021 05:31:03 +0000

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Happy to see you again. I don’t own any gold other than a pair of cufflinks my dad gave me. My wedding ring is in platinum. But the subject is unavoidable, especially when the subject that concerns everyone is inflation. So this is it.

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A hedge against what, exactly?

Wednesday’s article on Japan in the 1980s was, in a sense, about regime change. The idea was that a big change in Japanese monetary policy, tax approach and corporate culture caused an asset price bubble and permanently reset all kinds of economic relationships. The question is, does the current outbreak of a concurrent accommodative fiscal and monetary policy and the Federal Reserve’s shift in attitude toward inflation mean the United States is heading for a similar regime change?

Given that one of the main risks of this potential regime change is, by consensus, high inflation – which would likely cause stock and bond markets to correct – my mind turned to hedging. Readers’ minds are in a similar position: I have received a number of emails asking me where the safe assets are.

Gold is an obvious candidate; it is often presented as a hedge against inflation. But it’s too general. Gold has one of the most stable relationships to the economic fundamentals of all assets. It evolves inversely with real interest rates with great regularity, especially in recent years (all graphical data from the Fed):

The yield on inflation-protected 10-year Treasury bills (the blue line) is the standard indicator of real interest rates, or the inflation-adjusted cost of money, which is currently negative.

Gold (yellow line, note the scale is inverted) has followed real rates, slavishly but upside down, for 15 years, rising when real rates fall and falling when they rise. There’s a simple reason: the real return on silver is the opportunity cost of holding gold, an asset that doesn’t earn money. Nominal rates have been rising lately, driven almost solely by inflation expectations, so gold has cut an uneven but mostly sideways trajectory in recent months.

Holding gold will not do you any good, judging by the graph above, if the new economic regime raises inflation, but also manages to stimulate real economic activity and real rates. For gold to work, you need to get inflation without any real growth gain (you can have an economic gain in the sense of easing the debt burden of sovereigns and households, even without real economic growth, but this is not what supporters of monetary / fiscal coordination tend to claim).

I wonder, however, if significantly higher and more volatile inflation would make gold more valuable as a hedge, even if real rates were to rise. High real rates that seem volatile might make investors want something stable in their pockets, right?

Below is a picture of the long-term relationship between gold and real rates. I have used another indicator of real rates here because inflation-protected Treasury securities are a relatively new phenomenon. Instead, I used the 10-year yields minus the annual CPI inflation rate. This makes a series slightly more volatile, but comparing it to Tips gives a pretty good match. I also left the inflation rate in (in gray).

The most interesting time here is the 1970s, when two huge increases in inflation pushed real rates down sharply. Focus on these years:

What is compelling here is that the relationship holds (falling real returns, rising gold) but it is not very stable. When real yields first collapsed between September 1972 and December 1974, falling more than eight percentage points, gold rose 179%, a very good return in a period when stocks lost a third of their value. But when inflation returned, between 1978 and 1980, gold was spectacular. On a significantly smaller drop in real returns, it rose 238 percent.

My tentative interpretation is that gold looked better and better to investors as inflationary instability persisted, leaving investors increasingly anxious.

But then came the 1980s and Paul Volcker’s Fed. Inflation seemed to have been put back in the bottle for good. And in a context of stable inflation, the gold-real rate relationship has been reduced to some extent. Real rates fell sharply between 1985 and 1990, an oscillation of more than six points, but it occurred in a gradual and orderly fashion, against a background of relatively contained inflation and inflation volatility. Gold only rose 25 percent. Again, the violence of the day, and how bullied investors felt, seemed to matter to gold, not just actual performance.

And the next big rally for gold came, of course, on the eve and in the aftermath of the great financial crisis, a period of volatility of sorts.

As real metal students will now have determined, I am not a golden bug. My modest suggestion is just this: the link to actual returns is persistent but varies in strength over time. A change in economic regimes, like the one many people are currently experiencing, could once again alter the gold / real rate relationship, which seemed so constant in recent years. Cover yourself carefully, friends.

Japanese flashback

I received several emails on Wednesday regarding my article on Japan from readers who worked in Japanese finance in the late 1980s, many commenting on how much today’s environment reminded them of that time. . Here is a particularly representative sample, from James Bogin, who worked as an analyst in Tokyo in 1987:

“Japan was hit harder than most by the oil shock of the 1970s. They had a weak currency and oil imports were 10% or more of GDP. They have long conducted a very accommodating monetary policy, leading to a stock market boom in stocks of hidden assets. . . With massive liquidity flowing. . . companies were issuing bonds convertible into stocks with warrants sweeteners because the interest rates were so low. I once asked a cement company why they raised money, and the answer was, basically, because it’s cheap, and we can. “

Discovering new reasons to value companies at ever higher valuations (“hidden assets”) is a familiar thing in the bull market. The same is true of the proliferation of delicate instruments (warrants, spacs). What particularly reminds me today are the companies that collect money “because it’s cheap, and we can”. Hello, AMC.

A good read

I ran into this on Wednesday, since 2018. It felt so true to me that I burst out laughing. What trait is key for an aspiring employee in law, finance, consulting, etc. ? It can be personal insecurity.

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The Dayton couple celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary Wed, 09 Jun 2021 17:47:59 +0000

“Humor is something that keeps our family together,” said Faye.

The couple feel very lucky to have taken this important step in their marriage. It’s something they feared they wouldn’t be able to celebrate after Ron was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year.

The Duncan family have been deeply involved in the Dayton community for decades. Ron served as a high school and college umpire in the area for many years, while Faye has written several books. Their eldest son, Bill Duncan, is currently the mayor of Oakwood and their son Tom is the former CFO of Premier Health. Their son Joe is retired and owns his own business in Troy, and their daughter Beth Duncan owns a small business in Washington Twp.

When asked how they managed to get married for 70 years, Ron and Faye both answered the same thing.

“We have completely supported each other’s interests,” said Ron. “Faye had interests and I had interests, and we always supported each other.”

Along with the couple’s four children, they have nine grandchildren and are expecting their 15th great-grandchild later this year. Watching their family grow up is something Ron and Faye hold dear.

Throughout the interview with the couple, they constantly made jokes with each other. It was if they were still at the honeymoon stage of their relationship, even after all this time.

“When people ask how we’ve been married for so long, I always say she does what she wants to do and I do what she wants to do,” Ron said with a smile on his face.

When asked what they would say to future generations on how to find lasting, genuine and true love, Ron and Faye gave some great advice.

“If you haven’t been fortunate enough to witness true love, then you have to decide that finding true love is what you’re going to do,” Faye said. “If you want to have a good life, you have to try to make it the way you want.”

The couple look forward to celebrating the special occasion with all 46 of their wardrobe family members today. Although Ron is no longer able to walk due to his cancer diagnosis, the couple hope to share a special dance together to celebrate 70 years of joking, watching their family grow up and getting “goo-goo” eyes.

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Expect to Pay More This Wedding Season Expenses Tue, 08 Jun 2021 18:11:00 +0000

Prices are on the rise and shortages abound in the United States – and as a result, couples planning their weddings in 2021 are seeing their budgets take a hit.

After many canceled, postponed and rescheduled weddings in 2020, couples getting married this year face rapidly rising prices in a number of categories, including labor costs for waiters and bartenders, equipment rental and food. The Consumer Price Index recorded its biggest jump across all sectors from April 2020 to April 2021 since 2008, affecting event-related industries, such as shipping and food.

Some couples will ignore classic crab cake appetizers due to the crab shortage, cut back on flowers because small business florists went bankrupt during the pandemic, forgoing bar packages and big rentals because labor and delivery costs have doubled, or paying excessively for a site trying to make up for losses in 2020.

Sites tend to be one of the first and biggest budget items a couple sets aside in the planning process. While it’s common for a venue to increase its fees by a small percentage per year, wedding planners notice price increases for weddings in 2021 and 2022 in the range of 30-40%.

“There is such a demand right now due to the number of people being postponed and the number of people who have gotten engaged since then, combining two years of marriages into one,” says Jenna Culley, owner and event planner at Jenna Culley Events in Minneapolis and St. Paul. “The sites see it as an opportunity to make up some of the revenue they lost last year, and the demand is there – people are going to pay for it.”

There are few budget items that are unaffected by the price increases, but wedding planners say couples also need to prepare for shortages and increased competition.

“Flowers have been a big issue this year in terms of cost and availability,” says McKenna Shano, owner of McKenna Katherine Weddings in Phoenix. “Venues were also booked very quickly, especially here in Arizona, which is a popular destination for weddings, so find and book your venue early in the process.”

Additionally, Culley says couples will likely pay more than what would be typical for rentals and the associated labor and delivery costs.

“A lot of my favorite vendors can waive the late night sales charge, but they just can’t this year; they have to charge it because they either have to pay more for staff or hire more staff to host all the weddings and events that are going on this year, ”she said.

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly contributed to the rising costs of weddings, but Katy Turchich-Martin, owner of Coastal Coordinating in Florida, says weddings have been getting more expensive for years. Couples may also just be ready to do everything and splurge after having to delay wedding plans during the pandemic.

“I’ve been a planner for 15 years, so I can tell you that in the last six years the prices have almost doubled,” Turchich said. “Weddings have become a huge industry and there is so much to do in a wedding now than there were years ago. There are so many additions and ways couples want to make this day unique.”

And when planning a wedding, it’s common for couples to go over budget.

An April Wedding Wire and Grow survey found that two-thirds of couples saw their budgets increase and 68% admit their budget was lower than realistic. The survey also noted that most couples said they simultaneously save for other financial goals, such as a house or retirement, while saving for their marriage.

To stay on track in 2021 and 2022, wedding planners say couples may need to include even more cushioning for unforeseen costs this year than would be typical.

“Look at what are the most important parts of their overall budget and their wedding experience, and let’s put that money there,” Culley says. “It’s about prioritizing where they’re spending their money this year more than ever.”

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What to add and ignore on your marriage registry Tue, 08 Jun 2021 18:00:37 +0000

Neustockimages / Getty Images / iStockphoto

The time leading up to a wedding can be one of the happiest and most exciting times in your life, including the time you spend signing up for wedding gifts. While it may be tempting to add anything to your wedding list that catches your eye or tickles your fancy, like an espresso / drip coffee machine or a towel warmer, take a moment to think about what. really matters.

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While wishlist style gifts may be your heart’s desire, they’re not the most practical, so consider leaving these items on your registry. After all, not everyone on your guest list will be able to buy a wedding gift that costs hundreds of dollars.

Additionally, some wedding gifts that people often think they should sign up for may not suit your lifestyle at all. So think twice before signing up for items that you know you don’t need or will barely use.

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The smart thing is signing up for the items you need and will use – and your guests can afford. To get you started, here are five things to ignore and five things to add to your wedding list.

Last updated: June 8, 2021

Very elegant everyday porcelain and ceramic tableware (plates, dessert plates, bowl, saucer) on wooden table just above.

Very elegant everyday porcelain and ceramic tableware (plates, dessert plates, bowl, saucer) on wooden table just above.

Skip: Fine China

If you’re not the type of couple who plans on hosting vacation dinners or having other formal functions several times a year, a fine china set will likely gather dust in the end. Chinese settings can be quite expensive. This Lenox Continental Dining Platinum Collection five-piece dinnerware set costs $ 99.99, which means that a service for just four people would cost around $ 400, almost five times the cost of four place settings of beautiful non-beautiful dinnerware. Chinese.

The average cost of a wedding: how much to spend?

Add: Classic white tableware

Opt for a beautiful, classic white dinnerware set, like this Everyday White by Fitz and Floyd, which equates to a service for four for $ 88.46 – more than four times less than a five-piece cutlery set in Lenox porcelain. By choosing white, you will be able to use these dishes for years to come without worrying about them going out of style or not matching your changing kitchen decor. If you’re worried that white will be too bland and boring, add decorative plates, placemats, or fabric napkins in any colors you want.

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Fry the egg in a pan in the domestic kitchen.

Fry the egg in a pan in the domestic kitchen.

Skip: Set of pots and pans

While signing up for a full set of pots and pans might seem like a good idea, chances are the set will include items that you won’t really use, if at all. Plus, the sets are all made from the same material, and sometimes you want to cook with something different, like cast iron. And even worse, what if you don’t like cooking with the huge, expensive set of pots and pans you’re good at? After all, an Analon 11-Piece Hard Anodized Non-Stick Cookware Set costs $ 299.99.

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Chef throwing vegetables from pan, preparing healthy meal.

Chef throwing vegetables from pan, preparing healthy meal.

Add: Pans and pots with open stock

You’ll need pots and pans to cook, so a good alternative to a full set is to choose open-reserve pots and pans that you like. This strategy will give you the flexibility to customize your selection of pots and pans and receive what you will use the most. For example, you can sign up for a stainless steel pot, a cast iron Dutch oven, and a non-stick skillet. Opting for unique items in open stock will also be more cost effective for customers. For example, this Anolon Advanced 12.5 “Split Pan costs $ 49.95.

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Woman hands gift wrapping Christmas gifts.

Woman hands gift wrapping Christmas gifts.

Skip: Personal Gifts

Signing up for personal gifts is not a good idea. The purpose of a wedding registry is to record gifts that are useful to you and your significant other – not just one of you. So avoid one-sided gifts like power tools or gardening supplies for her or an expensive designer jewelry cabinet or purse for her.

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Add: gifts you can both use

Everything you need for your household that you both can use should be added to the list. For example, good quality linens and towels are a great choice. For towels, choose 100% cotton for extra softness and absorption. This extra thick 100% Turkish cotton bath towel set retails for $ 69 at Brooklinen. You can also add items to your wedding list like a toaster, blender, coffee maker, air fryer, or instant pot if neither of you have one or the one you do have needs to be replaced.

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Skip: stand mixer

Unless you or your future spouse is an avid baker who regularly bakes cookies, cakes, muffins, or pastry dough, a stand mixer is likely an expensive gift that will take up a lot of space in your kitchen. A KitchenAid Classic Series stand mixer costs over $ 250 – money that could be much better spent elsewhere.

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Young woman making pastries in the kitchen at home.

Young woman making pastries in the kitchen at home.

Add: Quality cooking set

A quality bakeware set is worth adding to your registry, because when you need to bake oatmeal cookies for an event or whip up a batch of blueberry muffins for brunch, you want to be able to get excellent results. For example, this set of eight Chicago Metallic Professional non-stick bakeware for $ 59.99 includes a loaf pan, two baking sheets, two round cake pans, a rectangular cake pan, a muffin pan and a wire rack. cooling.

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Old-fashioned glasses for alcoholic beverages.

Old-fashioned glasses for alcoholic beverages.

Skip: Crystal Serving Pieces

Unless you’re intending to be entertained, it’s probably best to ignore crystal serving pieces and other crystal items in your registry. For example, this eight-piece crystal hostess set with salt, pepper, butter, sugar, creamer, gravy and tray sells to Nieman Marcus for $ 100. And $ 100 could go a long way for a more practical and useful gift for your home, like a frying pan. Plus, there’s a good chance you have at least one person buying off the registry and getting you something crystal clear anyway.

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A tin of tuna open on a wooden board, with a fork and a napkin, on a wooden table.

A tin of tuna open on a wooden board, with a fork and a napkin, on a wooden table.

Add: Quality Silverware Set

A quality silverware set is a smart item to add to your registry, especially if you are going to receive new tableware. Both items can last for years. Even though premium grade stainless steel silverware – 18/8 or 18/10 – is more expensive than cheaper silverware, inferior stainless steel – 18-0 – which can bend or scratch easily, the cost remains manageable for gift givers. This 18/8 Matte Black Stainless Steel Silverware Set for Four priced at $ 43.99 would make a nice pairing with classic white dinnerware. As a bonus, the black coating is PVD which is much more durable than electroplating.

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Express clearance section has stunning homecoming dresses and more, starting at $ 10 Mon, 07 Jun 2021 23:44:07 +0000

Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and offers that we love. If you like them too and decide to buy through the links below, we may receive a commission. Prices and availability are subject to change.

You can always trust Express to be stocked with solid work clothes and flirty summer dresses. As you head back to work in an office this summer, you should check out the retailer’s online clearance section for a few pieces to refresh your work wardrobe.

Right now, Express is offering up to 70% off clearance items for men and women, with an additional 50% off some in your cart. For example, this pink V-neck floral shift dress originally cost $ 70, but is now down to $ 49.99. However, once you add it to your cart, you’ll get an additional 50% off and see it priced at just $ 24.99 in your cart.

On the flip side, if you have to attend a summer wedding, this simple, bodycon black maxi dress, now at just $ 19.99 in your cart, is sure to turn heads. And, if you have multiple weddings in your schedule, it’s versatile enough to wear on a few.

Besides dresses, you will also find favorites of the fall and winter seasons, like sweatshirts, sherpa jackets, jumpsuits and sweaters. You might not need the items now, but it’s worth taking a look – you’ll save a lot for seasons to come.

Take a look at some of the most notable dresses in the Express Clearance section with prices so great it almost sounds too good to be true. But don’t worry, the prices are legitimate – you really get an amazing deal!

1. V-neck floral shift dress, $ 24.99 in cart (Orig. $ 70)

Credit: Express

Credit: Express

Buy now

This sleeveless v-neck floral dress can be worn with heels, flats or sneakers, and you can pair it with a blazer or denim jacket to keep warm in the air conditioning. Dress it up or down for work or happy hour.

2. V-neck satin midi dress, $ 19.99 in cart (Orig. $ 98)

Credit: Express

Credit: Express

Buy now

Wear this elegant babydoll dress with heels to any wedding or formal event this summer. If black is not your color, there is also forest green. But, of course, black goes with everything and can be worn in all seasons.

3. Padded shoulder jumpsuit, $ 34.99 in the basket (Orig. $ 88)

Credit: Express

Credit: Express

Buy now

This incredibly comfortable jumpsuit is made very chic with additional shoulder pads. Wear it with sneakers for a casual dinner with friends at the weekend or slip on flats and wear it to the office.

Fit and Flare Sleeveless Sweater Dress, $ 37.49 in cart (Orig. $ 88)

Credit: Express

Credit: Express

Buy now

This sleeveless sweater dress is available in swan white or black, and like many others on this list, it can be dressed up or down. It’s knitted, so you probably won’t want to wear it on the hottest day of the year. But, you can definitely wear it late in the summer when the evenings are getting chilly, or on a sunny day and at 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Long Sleeve Paisley Smocked Waist Maxi Dress, $ 39.99 (Orig. $ 108)

Credit: Express

Credit: Express

Buy now

This cashmere maxi dress makes dressing cute and easy. Just throw it away! It is ventilated and can be worn for several seasons of the year.

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The Express Post clearance section has awesome homecoming dresses and more, starting at $ 10, which first appeared on In The Know.

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Texas photographer captures all of life’s significant moments Mon, 07 Jun 2021 17:19:01 +0000 / Nickell Photography

At GOBankingRates, we want to help small businesses across our country get back on their feet after the COVID-19 pandemic. We do this by highlighting readers’ favorite small businesses across the country and highlighting what makes them special to their customers and their cities.

In this edition of our Small Business Spotlight series, we feature Nickell Photography, a photography company based in Cedar Park, Texas. Owner Nickell Blair – a photographer for 15 years – photographs everything from weddings to graduations and even births, and has photographed clients in the United States and abroad. Here, we chat with Blair about how her own wedding photo inspired her to start her business, how she’s been able to juggle family and career, and how best to support your favorite professionals in the world. service sector.

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Was there a specific moment or experience that inspired you to start your business?

When my husband and I got married we were put off by our options for photographers. We ended up using a neighbor who was a professional photographer who fit our budget. We were so disappointed with our photos! It’s the one thing I wish I could go back and change. I’ve always loved photography, and my husband was already a wedding videographer, so making the leap to start my business came as no surprise to anyone.

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What did you take away from past experiences or jobs that you knew you wanted to be part of your new business?

The most important thing for me when starting my business has been to build relationships with my clients. When someone is uncomfortable with their photographer, it shows. I strive to be someone they can be comfortable with and have fun with. My favorite compliment is: “It was so much fun! I didn’t expect this to be fun!

Discover: Arizona couple turn family ranch into lavender-filled oasis

What has been the most rewarding part of owning a business?

I loved the flexibility. I was able to attend and raise my four children. I like being able to create my own schedule. I still work hard and am busy, but I am able to put my family first. I am so grateful that I was able to do this.

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How has the pandemic affected your business?

Unfortunately, I have definitely felt the effects of the pandemic. Almost all of my weddings have been postponed or called off. And booking new weddings has been slow to come back. Hopefully this will continue to take.

How can people continue to support your business during this time?

The best way to support is to refer. Referrals are how most of my business finds me. If you know a photographer – or anyone in the service industry, really – tell all your friends. Make known!

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What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own business?

Shade as many people as you can. Educate yourself thoroughly. There is a lot more to do than people realize. People assume I’m just taking pictures and giving them to the client. There is so much. A lot. After. It’s hard work, but it’s so rewarding!

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Last updated: June 7, 2021

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7 digital cameras that had the prettiest shutter sounds Sat, 05 Jun 2021 16:00:00 +0000

These cameras whisper soft sounds into your ear as you shoot with them.

The last two decades of photography have shown that photographers constantly demand quieter shutters. This went hand in hand with the demands of wedding photographers, street photographers and photojournalists. And like these shutters, the voices of some have resonated very loudly on the Internet. Then the manufacturers developed the silent shutter. Photographers who needed it have used it, but some of us miss the romanticism of the beautiful shutter. Digital photography does not have the sensory stimulation of film. You can’t feel the sensor, and the sounds are like a soulless machine. But these cameras had nice shutter sounds. Hopefully camera makers bring this back.

Olympus Pen EP1: Inspired by an old Leica

Sweet nothings: The Olympus Pen EP1 is arguably the camera that interested people in mirrorless to begin with. It had an exquisite look, but it also had a beautiful shutter sound. Back then, people cared a lot about silent shutters. This one has shutter sounds like an old Leica camera, according to reports I’ve read. There’s something about a satisfying, lens muffled click that’s so right. It’s a shame that Olympus never equipped this camera with a proper electronic viewfinder. It would have changed things so much.

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Sony a7: the loud banging

Sweet nothings: The Sony a7 was one of the first full frame mirrorless autofocus cameras. I still own one and the shutter always does something for me. The Sony a7 has two modes. With the front electronic shutter curtain, the sound is a bit more muffled. But when you take it off, it looks like the slap of a medium format film camera. It’s very satisfying, and unlike anything I’ve heard in modern digital.

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Canon 5D Mk II: a nice shutter

Sweet nothings: The Canon 5D Mk II is one of the most revolutionary cameras of the digital age. Known for producing cinematic videos, it also had a distinctive shutter sound. Like a few other cameras on this list, it was a bit muffled. This helped improve it for photojournalism, weddings, events, etc. Make no mistake, you could surely hear the sound of the shutter in a wedding hall. But for a photographer who cared, the sound was very nice. This camera has helped me build my career, so there is a special place in my heart.

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Nikon D700: shutter sounds that resonate

Sweet nothings: The Nikon D700 can be likened to an amplified and menacing cartoonish slap sound. This camera was a formidable big beast that photographers took to low-light weddings. Back then, when photographers were shooting with it, you knew exactly what it was. I always remember it was loud. During a concert, I discovered that I could still hear the shutter even above the loud sound of music.

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Leica M9: nice shutter sounds and mechanical reset

Sweet nothings: Looking back, I realize that the Leica M9 has been misunderstood. But honestly, there were also some issues. Some people have found the shutter sound like thunder. Even stronger was the control mechanism that rearmed the shutter. Imagine the sound of a loudly cracked cookie, followed by the sound of a microwave. This is how it was to shoot with the Leica M9.

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Panasonic GF1: Like closing a plastic cover

Sweet nothings: The Panasonic GF1 was Panasonic’s first compact mirrorless camera. Like the EP1, it had a distinctive and beautiful shutter sound. In fact, the whole experience has been pleasant. If you held it, you shot it using the LCD screen. But if you used the optional electronic viewfinder, you heard the shutter more clearly. At the time, the emphasis was on the aesthetics of the rangefinder, and this camera embodied it very well, even down to the shutter.

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Olympus OMD EM5: so far it has nice shutter sounds

Sweet nothings: The Olympus OMD EM5 was the first serious Olympus mirrorless camera. It had weather protection, fast autofocus, and was small. Most importantly, he was gorgeous: I still admire him. I remember touring very often with mine. There was a shutter that reminded me of a Voigtlander Bessa. It was hard to hate.

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Manhattan DA Follows Money in Trump Investigation by Presenting Grand Jury Testimony from Senior Financial Officer | national Sat, 05 Jun 2021 01:25:57 +0000

NEW YORK – Manhattan prosecutors interested in the cases of former President Donald Trump have reportedly presented grand jury testimony from a Trump Organization official described in documents obtained by the New York Daily News as l ‘man who “took care of the real movement of money”.

Jeff McConney – the senior vice president and comptroller of the Trump Organization – testified before the Manhattan grand jury recently formed by District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr., according to ABC News, who cited two sources with direct knowledge.

The News was unable to confirm that McConney testified.

But his knowledge of the operations of the Trump Organization could be the key to the prosecution of Vance.

In depositions six years ago about the implosion of Trump University, Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg shed light on the extent of McConney’s power and his knowledge of Trump’s finances.

“Jeff McConney has worked with me for a long time, and he knows I’m a picky eater about what I guess you call micromanagement to some extent,” Weisselberg said in the June 2015 deposition obtained by The News.

“But over time, I gave Jeff more leeway to make decisions on his own,” Weisselberg continued, confirming that he had appointed McConney his controller when he was promoted to CFO “in the 90s “.

Weisselberg confirmed that McConney was reliable enough to be copied to an email chain in which Weisselberg sought to confirm that moving Trump University to a “fictitious” address outside the jurisdiction of New York regulators would not involve no actual expense related to a “physical move”. “

When asked who funded Trump University’s payroll, Weisselberg said McConney was the one who would know.

“Jeff McConney dealt with the actual movement of the money,” he said, adding that he suspected that it was either Trump who personally funded the operation or “the DJT entity”.

“Jeff could have taken a shortcut, which he sometimes does, (I’m) not always happy about, and goes straight from Donald to Trump University and bypass the intermediary entity,” Allen said.

He said the Trump Organization’s internal approval process for transferring large sums of money out was for McConney to “prepare a memorandum saying we need to move money,” then Allen or Trump. he himself would approve or deny the request.

“Jeff could transfer money from Donald to another Trump entity. It doesn’t matter, ”Weisselberg said.

Manhattan DA Vance is working with State Attorney General Letitia James to uncover potential tax, banking, and insurance frauds committed by Trump and key executives at his namesake company prior to his election as President.

McConney is likely to be one of several Trump Organization staff called to the special grand jury to hear evidence as part of the criminal investigation.

In recent months, prosecutors have cited documents related to Weisselberg, a longtime Trump lieutenant. They also searched for documents relating to her son, Barry Weisselberg, who operates the mostly cash Wollman and Lasker rinks in Central Park.

In deposition testimony previously reported exclusively by The News, Barry and Allen Weisselberg described making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year working for Trump’s real estate company.

In a 2018 deposition in his divorce case, Barry Weisselberg said he and his ex-wife, Jennifer, lived rent-free in a “corporate apartment” overlooking Central Park from 2005 to 2012 with their two children.

He also admitted that his father paid for virtually every aspect of his family’s life, including his grandchildren’s tuition at elite Columbia Grammar and Prep, to the tune of $ 49,000 per child per year. .

If Barry and Jennifer Weisselberg didn’t declare their “corporate apartment” as compensation after their marriage, Vance’s office could use this omission to pressure Allen Weisselberg to cooperate.

Jennifer Weisselberg is cooperating with state attorneys in Manhattan, as is former Trump fixer Michael Cohen. Both have become fierce critics of the former president from their respective former Trump world communications.

McConney has not been charged with criminal wrongdoing, nor has Barry or Allen Weisselberg.

Trump claims he is innocent and has decried the investigation in his home state as “a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in American history.” The former president has not been charged with any crime and remains innocent in the eyes of the law.

McConney did not immediately respond to The News’ request for comment. Weisselberg attorney Mary Mulligan declined to comment.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office does not comment on pre-charge issues.

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