Chris Evans is ‘laser focused’ on finding a mate, and we’re ready to play matchmaker/Queerty


A response to a recent interview by Chris Evans about his love life has left people shivering, and we think we can help him.

When asked if he was as “laser focused” on anything as his character, Evans replied that he was “trying to find someone who [he’s] looking to spend [his] life with.”

Naturally, the internet was flooded with responses from hopefuls ready to take on the job of this heroic hottie (the partner job, we mean).

Recent photos from the red carpet for her new film The gray man served as even more publicity for the role:

What were we talking about?

Oh yes, matchmaking! In the spirit of helping Superior Chris in his search for love, we’ve lined up a few potential suitors.

Without further ado, here are five people we think would be perfect for the role:

Ana de Armas

De Armas and Evans are currently showing their chemistry during the Netflix press tour The gray manand have just completed their third film together, Phantom. Obviously, the pair have an easy working relationship, and if a little romance were to break out between the two adorable collaborators, who would object? God knows Ben Affleck is Much more his grief from Armas from last year.

Jamie Clayton

After Evans was admitted looking for love, Clayton was one of many people to throw their name in the ring. Clayton apparently isn’t new to high-profile partners, with a rumored romance with Keanu Reeves under his belt, and there’s no denying the Sense8 star would look like a million dollars on Captain America’s arm.

by Lizzo DM flirting with Evans are now a pop culture legend, and that hasn’t rooted at least a bit for these two. With the two in the midst of new projects, it would probably be hard to tie the knot, but we think these two superstars could pull it off.

Selena Gomez

While this one would just be a bit cradle-robby from Evans, it’s clear that the Only murders in the building the star doesn’t care at all. Gomez revealed his huge crush on the star on Watch what’s happening live in 2015, and it’s only aged like a fine wine ever since.

Sebastian Stan

A girl can dream, okay??

If nothing else, Grindr is happy to throw his hat in the ring:

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