Destiny 2’s Osiris matchmaking trials will be changed for the second weekend


Bungie is yet to celebrate its record breaking weekend.

Trials of Osiris
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Last weekend, Trials of Osiris broke records for Destiny 2 with 750,000 players and over 2.8 million hours of Trials played. That’s more hours played than at any time in Destiny’s seven-year history, and more players than Trials of Osiris has ever seen in Destiny 2.

There have been plenty of flawless races (237,000, to be exact) and plenty of newbie players, some of them even reaching the flagship.

But even with signs of massive success from the recent Trials redesign, Bungie isn’t celebrating yet. There is still room for improvement, according to community manager Cozmo in Latest Bungie Blog Update, next weekend will see two adjustments to the Trials of Osiris matchmaking system.

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Bungie liked the number of people playing, but they noted that skilled players often sailed towards the lighthouse with multiple 5-0 stomping. To give these players a bit more of a challenge, Bungie institutes a “Flawless Matchmaking Pool” after a player has first become Flawless. This will increase the likelihood of flawless players playing against each other and give more players a chance to become flawless.

Matchmaking times will be monitored as this new pool goes live, and Bungie has promised to make sure the times don’t get too long.

Featured Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some players have suffered repeated 0-5 defeats. To help, Bungie is giving these players a “Temporary Help Mechanic.” Presumably, this will pit the chronic losers against each other, but Bungie didn’t provide as many details. All they said was the Aid Mechanism wears off after a win and the Aid Mechanism cannot be used to ensure a flawless run.

The withdrawal penalties also apply to practice. Leave your games too often and you will be hit with a 30 minute cooling off period.

Next weekend will be the very first Trials Labs and the brand new Capture Zone Trials. And don’t forget to check out the Season of the Lost schedule, which just went live yesterday.

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