Director Shekar Kammula wins hearts; Chay, Pallavi do their best


Hyderabad: After a long wait, “Love Story” by Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi hit theaters on Friday and the film wins everyone’s hearts. Directed by Shekar Kammula, the film is produced by Narayan Das K. Narang and Puskar Ram Mohan Rao under Sree Venkateswara Cinemas and Amigos Creations.

Revanth (Naga Chaitanya) and Mouni (Sai ​​Pallavi) are two people who dream of being successful in their life. But with all the challenges they face, will their families and society let them stay together?

Revanth comes to town with this mother (Easwari Rao) from a small town in Nizamabad to make an identity for herself. He is a victim of caste disparity and believes that only hard work pays. Mouni also escapes to Hyderabad not only to escape his family, but also to get rid of a few baddies in his life. While she wants a job in IT, Revanth wants to start a zumba center. The two cheer each other up and Mouni, an incredible dancer, decides to help Revanth until she finds a good job.

Once again, Shekar Kammula has worked on a sensitive subject that requires a lot of attention. While it shows that a great city welcomes everyone with love and warmth, the most talented must always wait for opportunities to prove their mettle. In a society that judges a couple and tells them what they can’t do, Revanth and Mouni find different places and times to meet.

Through this film, the director wants to tell people that in any house, it is not the women who must be controlled, but the men. Plus, Revanth’s dialogues about unemployment and his screams of frustration will be with you long after the movie is finished.

Naga Chaitanya delivered the best performance of his career. He’s never played such a sensitive character until now and has done pretty well. Sai Pallavi is known for her performance and in this film too she did a decent job. His dialogues will stay with you.

Easwari Rao, Uttej, Devayani, Rajiv Kanakala and other supporting actors did their best to make the film a huge success. Like any other Sheka Kammula movie, “Love Story” will also win hearts. The editing could have been a bit neat and precise. Pawan CH’s music is calming enough to make you blend in with history. Vijay Kumar’s camera work is also enjoyable.

Overall, “Love Story” is worth checking out this weekend and has opened the doors to many more films hitting theaters soon.

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