Elite Connections International CEO Sherri Murphy examines how the pandemic has fueled the rise of serious dating



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LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — If social media is any indication, the pandemic has duplicated dating and relationships. Pivotal matches that locked together after three meetings. Couples who didn’t know each other are longtime partners who decided to start a family or buy property sooner than they could have because, well, there hasn’t been much -something else to do in the past two years.

International Elite Connections CEO, Sherri Murphy, believes the pandemic has severely changed the way people date in the modern age. “We noticed quickly when the pandemic hit that many single people wanted to be in a relationship,” Murphy says. “They found ways to meet (zoom and phone calls). They hiked and ate out. Many have formed relationships a little too quickly.”

According to Match’s 2021 Singles in America Study, which surveyed 5,000 single people in the United States in August, 53% of app users “now prioritize their search for a relationship more than before.” the pandemic”. The same study also found that 58% of app users have turned to “intentional dating” and 69% of users are more honest with potential partners. It should perhaps come as no surprise that after a year and a half of fear and uncertainty, engagement is now extremely sexy.

Murphy continues: “The key problem was that people realized they didn’t want to be alone. They became much more serious about finding love and that trend seems to have continued. Times have changed and politics is a problem for many, when it never was before.”

While the pandemic has been described as “the great accelerator”, there is also a bubbling counter-narrative. Online dating site Plenty of Fish coined the term “hesitant”: “Feeling indifferent about dating, not knowing if you want to date seriously or casually because life in general is so uncertain right now . According to their research, 70% of single people feel this uncertainty.

“Some people won’t date vaccinated people and some won’t date unvaccinated people. If the post-vaccination dating boom is any indication, single people seem to be less obsessed with casual sex and more interested in dating people. intention to find a monogamous relationship,” Murphy concludes.


Sherri Murphy

Elite Connections International was founded in Los Angeles in 1994 and has grown ever since. Elite Connections International is a private and exclusive professional dating agency that goes above and beyond to find the perfect match for its clients. Their vast experience and dedicated team provide a range of high quality dating services to clients. Their matchmakers’ intuition, customer focus and passion for excellence have brought together successful couples for over 27 years. Today, Elite Connections International has successfully expanded to additional locations in Southern California, New York, Las Vegas and Florida, as well as matchmakers in Paris and other major cities of the world.

Sherri Murphy, President and Founder of Elite Connections International, has grown her formidable business over two decades. With glowing customer reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, it’s obvious that Sherri has much to be proud of. Sherri said, “I’m proud to have hired an incredible team of matchmakers and scouts who work in every office. I’m truly inspired personally and professionally by the motto: ‘Finding love is the most important in your life.”

Under Sherri’s leadership, Elite Connections has redefined the personalized approach to matchmaking. Matchmakers consider everything from personal goals, background and religion to all the subtle nuances that make an individual unique. Each of their professional matchmakers know all of their clients personally and keep them in mind with each new single they meet. It’s this personalized approach to professional matching that not only sets them apart from other agencies, but allows them to make thoughtful and successful pitches.


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