Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2022


TE-Premium League Draft Strategy (2022)

With leagues changing every year to accommodate different interests, a popular game format is premium tight end. This is a PPR league where receivers and running backs score the normal 1 point per reception, but the kicker is that tight ends score 1.5 points per reception. At first glance, you might not think twice when drafting, but the elite tight ends are getting a huge boost in ADP as they will be among the best performing players all season. You will need to adjust your normal draft strategy to account for this.

Adjusting this score for tight ends means that more TEs will have a meaningful place in your team and be relevant to the game. Also, this flexible position (WR/RB/TE) in which you almost always place a WR or RB, is something you’ll have to seriously think about, with TEs getting an extra 0.5 per reception.

In this article, we’ll look at potential strategies for drafting from the middle positions (5-7) in a 12-team TE-premium league. I’ll provide a basic plan for the first few rounds, and then depending on how the draft falls to you, you’ll want to adjust your strategy from there. The league is TE-premium but you don’t want to overload the position.

Round 1 – Catch an elite tight end

If you’re not one of the very first picks, you’ll want to grab Travis Kelce or Mark Andrews if you can. As mentioned above, there is a 0.5 premium given to tight receptions, and outliers to position will make this a first-round selection.

If you can’t grab one of them, I wouldn’t pick Kyle Pitts or Darren Waller in the middle of the first one. Go with your best WR or RB remaining on the board: Justin Jefferson, Najee Harris, or Ja’Marr Chase should be available here.

Round 2 – Pair your TE with an RB/WR or Kyle Pitts

As with any regular league, the RB position lacks depth and should be front and center for your next pick or two. If you landed an elite TE in the first round, congratulations, great start. Now we have to focus on RB. In the second round, you might find yourself picking up Aaron Jones who should do well this year in the absence of Davante Adams. If you wanted a WR, Mike Evans should also be available here. Locking up an elite player at RB or WR is a must in Round 2 if you’re starting TE and quarterbacking should still be an afterthought at this point.

If you picked an RB or WR in round one I would try to catch Kyle Pitts in round two but I wouldn’t reach Darren Waller here – there’s too much uncertainty with Adams coming in and he could not be a top-5 TE at the end of the year. If Pitts left, I would choose the opposite of your RB or WR departure. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t grab a top 3 TE in this format.

Round 3 – Balance your roster

Going into round 3, if all went well, we will have an RB/WR and a TE. It’s still too early for a QB and unless extreme value is coming your way for the non-TE player on your team, you’re going to want to select the other position you don’t currently have. In the end, you leave the third round starting with RB, WR, TE. You should now have a top 3 TE paired with a top 15 WR and RB. If someone decides it’s time to grab another TE or two along the way, you should see some players come your way that you normally couldn’t get in the third round in the standard PPR leagues.

Rounds 4 and 5 – Depth at RB and WR

Now that we have our RBs, WRs and TEs, we are actively looking for another running back as the position is scarce. I don’t mind David Montgomery if he goes down or even Josh Jacobs as my second RB in Round 4. They won’t buy you weeks on their own but will lock in the RB2 spot in your squad and give you a safe floor.

Moving on to round 5, we can choose who we like from DJ Moore, Chris Godwin or Mike Williams, although I can avoid Godwin until we see him at camp. If Godwin looks like his old self, watch out. His ADP, along with Moore and Williams, are very likely to climb as we approach the end of August. Be sure to follow our


which you can adapt to almost any type of league, to make sure you’re up to date with your drafts.

Rounds 6 and 7 – More depth at RB and WR

Now that we’ve started RB/RB/WR/WR/TE, it’s time to add depth in the 6th and 7th rounds. I love drafting Courtland Sutton as one of

my favorite mid-round wide receivers

and my colleague Joe explains why it may be better to

stay away from amari cooper

this year in fantastic drafts.

His ADP has gone up fast due to best-ball drafts in July that require stacking, but if you can land Gabriel Davis in your home league, you’ll be laughing! Buffalo’s offense is going to score a ton of points and Diggs won’t have all the work. Alternatively, on the court, I’m warming up Melvin Gordon who would be a solid replacement on a bye week or as a second flex, as well as Chase Edmonds who could be the outright RB1 in Miami starting in Week 1.

The rest of the draft – Take QB, more TEs and high potential players

From round 8 I want to see who is the best QB. Depending on your local league trends, there may still be plenty of QBs left on the roster, or some teams may have already picked their second. We all know these people. Either way, picking your QB in rounds 8-9 is your best bet, and options like Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Dak Prescott and Trey Lance should be available. If somehow Jalen Hurts is available, I would go with him first. The floor of his rushing yards alone is worth its weight in gold and he has a huge advantage this season with the addition of AJ Brown. If QB is not the choice here, I love Rhamondre Stevenson who is a

second year candidate

in an offense that likely won’t have James White healthy to start the season.

In Rounds 9-15, I would continue to build that roster depth for running back and wide receiver positions. Injuries happen every year and there’s not too much quality depth. Also in later rounds I will be selecting very promising players such as Allen Lazard, Chase Claypool and Isaiah Spiller.

Don’t be afraid to pair your early game TE with later turn options like Cole Kmet or Greg Dulchich. If one of these players ends up exploding as a top-12 fantasy TE, you’ll be able to start 2 each week and get the better of your opponent. They might even be a league winner, so it’s worth grabbing a few ‘TE lotto tickets’ at the end of your draft if your bench size allows.

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