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Draft from 1st place in a 10-team 2QB league

Having a strategy in a snake draft is extremely important in setting yourself up for success. Obviously, you need to be flexible as you navigate the later rounds, but having an idea of ​​how you want to approach the first three rounds will set the tone for the choices you make later. You can’t predict anything after your first choice, but you can have scenarios in mind.

In this article, we’ll look at potential strategies for drafting from 1st place in a 10-team, 2QB league. Let’s just say you got the first pick by ironing out instead of coming in last place in your league in 2021. Either way, I’ll cover your options in the first three rounds and then I’ll suggest my favorite strategy for the draft from position . Ultimately, it comes down to finding the players you like and fitting them into a strategy that works best for you. But I’ll give you some of my favorite players to target given the starting position.

The situation

Drafting forward is never a bad thing, and going first is ideal (glad we were able to provide you with this in-depth analysis.) Along with having your pick of the best player available to start the draft, you get bookend picks the rest of the way which eliminates some variability in your strategy without anyone drafting between your picks.

The other key call here is the 2QB twist. Personally, I love 2QB leagues, but it creates a very different draft strategy with a high bounty placed on a rare position.

Round 1 Options


As mentioned above, QB is the most important position in the league, and the top pick allows you to lock in the best QB available. The consensus is Josh Allen, and consider me part of the consensus. The team, the weapons, his arm and his legs make him a constant QB1 with a huge advantage.


The RB position falls off a cliff in a hurry, so I understand the point of taking an RB there. It fortifies your team and lets you look the other way in rounds 2 and 3. I’m a fan of Jonathan Taylor as the first RB taken.


Don’t take a WR or TE that high. Don’t.

Suggested Strategy:

I can see an argument for grabbing a top RB given the scarcity at the position in 2022, but for me it has to be QB. Considering how important a top QB is to your roster and the fact that your second pick will take you down several levels, I think you have to go Josh Allen here. Plus, with every QB selected in the first two rounds, there’s almost always a very useful RB to grab at the turn.

Round 2 and 3 options:

QB or not QB

That is the question. And that’s the one I find myself answering by taking a QB. I’ve had several mock drafts where Lamar Jackson has fallen to this position (from people who clearly don’t use our ADP rankings) and I’m even quite happy with Russel Wilson here. The main reason beyond locking in my league’s best QB combination is what’s available in rounds 4 and 5. In most of my simulations, I choose between Derek Carr and Matt Ryan in this slot, maybe- to be Kirk Cousins ​​if I get lucky. I would much rather have the best QB combo than a bit mediocre with a slight upgrade at RB.

The other choice

Now obviously it’s time to go either RB or WR. Again, all 18 picks wait until my 4th round pick means there will be a drop in both positions. But the drop to RB is more than the drop to WR, especially if Alvin Kamara is sitting there like he usually is. If Deebo goes down I might go WR, and I wouldn’t blame you for stacking Diggs, but I usually go RB here.

The rest of the draft

Rounds 4 and 5

Obviously, the first order of business after going QB-QB-RB is to grab a WR. Ideally, Tyreek falls on me here, but I’m pretty happy with reliable Mr. Keenan Allen or the advantage of Tee Higgins. From there, you can double down on WR or switch to RB. JK Dobbins has won me quite a bit here, and it’s hard to pass up. If I’m not in love with any of the running backs, I’ll either go WR or TE.

Rounds 6 and 7

Assuming I went QB-QB-RB-WR-RB, I’m doubling down on WR here, and honestly, I like a lot of my options. Brandin Cooks again has an undervalued ranking, a potential revival of Michael Thomas, and the upsides of Godwin or Jaylen Waddle are all very attractive. The options are so good that it usually drives me to WR-WR and trash-diving on tight ends.

The rest

With the steps above, you have all positions covered outside of TE, so it becomes a priority. Dallas Goedert was a must as well as Zach Ertz who has a good chance of surpassing ADP. From there, I have a fairly balanced formation, so I try to take the best player available. As I mentioned, it’s unclear how your draft will actually go, so be sure to follow your league rules and positional advantages. But hopefully the above gives you a possible pattern of success for your 2022 draft.

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