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Athletics – Jamaica Olympic Destiny Track Meet – Kingston, Jamaica – June 5, 2021 Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce reacts after the women’s 100m. Fraser-Pryce, two-time Olympic 100m champion, achieved the world’s fastest women’s 100m in almost 33 years and the fourth fastest time in history REUTERS / Gilbert Bellamy TPX IMAGES DU JOUR

KINGSTON, Jamaica, June 25 (Reuters) – Two-time Olympic champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, the fastest woman alive, took a 10.71 second (wind +1.0 m / s) victory in the 100 Women’s m Friday, the second day of the Jamaica National Track and Field Championships.

With her trademark rocket start, Fraser-Pryce broke away from the field at 50 meters and closed the victory to secure her ticket to the fourth consecutive Olympics in Tokyo next month.

Rio 400m Olympic bronze medalist Shericka Jackson gave a late jump to take second place in 10.82 seconds, ahead of reigning Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herah at 10.84.

Four-time 100m world champion Fraser-Pryce told Reuters she was thrilled to beat a tough field in record time just weeks after setting a Jamaican national record of 10.63 seconds.

“It’s amazing and I think all the credit goes to my coach (Reynaldo Walcott). You know he strongly believes in what I can do and what I am capable of,” she said.

“After 10.63 (June 5th) it was tough! My hamstrings were just giving me trouble after this race but I said the champions show up no matter what, you always show up and you have to just make sure when you get to the line you deliver, ”Fraser-Pryce added.

“The goal is definitely to be on the top step of the podium in Tokyo,” said Fraser-Pryce, who battled a toe injury to win bronze at the Rio Games five years ago.

“I mean, 2016 has been bittersweet and it’s happened and I think I want to see what I’m capable of doing healthy, fit and ready to go, so I’m looking forward to this opportunity. “

Shericka Jackson, who set a semifinal record of 10.77 seconds, was thrilled to take second place in 10.82 seconds and land a ticket to Tokyo. She rose to number 13 on the all-time list.

In the men’s 100m, Tyquendo Tracey produced a late charge to overtake 2012 Olympic silver medalist Yohan Blake and win in 10.00 seconds (wind 0.6m / s).

Meanwhile, Commonwealth Games champion Janieve Russell won her third national title in the 400m hurdles with a season record 54.07 seconds. Ronda Whyte was second in 54.94, ahead of Leah Nugent with 54.97 seconds.

Thrilled to be part of his second Olympic team, Russell told Reuters his good outing was to improve his psychological game this season.

“I’m really working on my mindset and I’m physically ready. I’ve worked in training so it will depend on who wants it the most, so that’s been the change for me this season,” said the Rio Olympic finalist.

In the men’s 400m, Jaheel Hyde also won his ticket to a second consecutive Olympic Games by clocking a career-best 48.18 seconds to win. His time is 5th fastest so far this year.

“It’s been a while to come. I haven’t beaten a bp (personal best) since 2017. So all that emotion at the end was because of that,” said Hyde who punched in the box. ‘air and yelled in celebration.

In the field events, Chanice Porter cut the sand at 6.32 meters to win the women’s long jump, while Jordan Scott won the men’s triple jump at 16.50 meters.

Reporting by Kayon Raynor in Kingston, Jamaica; Editing by Kenneth Maxwell

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Unmarried marriage finally blessed with one! – The Island Sat, 26 Jun 2021 00:10:15 +0000

A few weeks ago when I wrote an article titled “Shakespeare in a takarang shed” About the English department at Kelaniya university in the 1970s, I mentioned Lakdasa Wikkramasinha, the poet. Lakdasa was not teaching in the English department – he was an instructor in the English sub-department, which provided English lessons to all undergraduates – but he was really part of the scene. In the article, I remembered playing carrom with him in the main common room, and how we both escaped serious injury, possibly death, from a mob that came to attack the students. of campus.

In the article, I described Lakdasa as “a man of few words, with a dismissive look that made inferior mortals uncomfortable, [wearing] his half-buttoned shirt that showed his hairy chest, the sleeves rolled up just below the elbow. In other words, a bad ass.

To go with this article, I needed a photo of Lakdasa. I googled, only to be shocked at the images that popped up. Most prominent was his gravestone, streaked with a black stain that obscured some markings, and a photo of Nigerian Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka, mislabeled Lakdasa. Other search engines have also offered the same images.

Surely someone, somewhere should have Lakdasa’s picture. So began my research. Lakdasa had been my oldest in Maharagama training college, so I reached out to his classmates for a photo. One of them, who said he witnessed Lakdasa’s wedding, did not have a photo. Another, passionate about photography, could not be contacted because of the confinement. Two other comrades from Lakdasa did not respond to my messages.

I was told about Lakdasa’s sister, who had built a house on Heerassagala Road, Kandy, but my attempts to find her failed. A friend of a friend, who said she might have a photo at her desk, was also unavailable, due to lockdown and a death in the family. Tracing Lakdasa’s genealogy, I contacted a first cousin of Lakdasa, with no response. A call to the head of a university department, where Lakdasa’s wife had taught, went unanswered. This is understandable, as she last taught there 40 years ago, and my attempt was a hopeless blow in the dark.

When I first got to know Lakdasa in Maharagama in 1970, he was known as “the poet”, although hardly anyone around him had read his poetry (I had not). At that time, poetry meant Wordsworth, Blake and Keats to us. Moreover, at this time, Lakdasa’s poetry had not received much critical appraisal, or read much for that matter, because his poems had been self-published in limited editions. He was courting his classmate Claire, and I saw them sitting in the hallway leading to the library and chatting for long periods of time. Lakdasa’s collection titled, Fifteen poems (1970) carried the dedication “For Claire”. But, they didn’t get married. At the time of his next collection, Nossa Senhora dos Chingalas (1973), came out, the dedication was “To Shanthini”, which had become his wife. She taught Chinese at the University of Kelaniya.

Lakdasa’s stature as a poet didn’t hit me hard, so to speak, until the early 1990s, when I read Michael Ondaatje’s novel. Running with family, an exhilarating memory of the Ceylanese lineage of Ondaatje. Chapter 3 is titled “Don’t tell me about Matisse”, and Lakdasa’s poem of the same title is cited there. I was in the United States at the time and could not access any of his poems.

A few years later, in Hong Kong, I was introduced to the chairman of a university English department. When he realized I was Sri Lankan, Andy blurted out, “Did you know Lakdasa? And sounded incredulous when I said “Fairly good”. Later I realized that he, a British / Australian, was a huge fan of Lakdasa’s poetry. When Andy published the volume English of the world (2007), two of Lakdasa’s poems were included in the accompanying CD, read by Professor Thiru Kandiah.

In personality, Lakdasa was eccentric. His philosophy was an enigma. In 1965 he declared that “writing in English is a form of cultural betrayal” and called English the language of “the most despicable and hateful people on earth”. But, just four years later, he was training to become an English teacher and began to “commit betrayal” by teaching English at the University of Kelaniya.

His poetry was characterized as masculine, and anger, eroticism, sarcasm and satire were clearly displayed. His originality and daring can be seen in lines such as “thick locks of black hair on the head and elsewhere”; “The great white hunter Matisse with a gun with two nostrils … Gauguin – the propagator of syphilis, yellowed obesity”. And the satire in “What is the professor doing?” He plants brinjals all day. The soaring finale – “All roads lead to Rome!” – of “To My Friend Aldred” is incomparable.

When interviewed for his admission to Maharagama training college, Lakdasa was asked what he had been doing in recent years. He has answered. “Growing cardamoms”. Indeed, he had done it, in the remote region of Yahanagala in the Uva. Usually, to interpret Lakdasa’s poetry, it may be necessary to delve into history, classics, Latin, Sinhala folklore. But, perhaps the appealing simplicity of “In Ancient Kotmale” stems from those cardamom growing days.

In the beautiful principality, in Kotmale

I will build my brick house of good soil

With the wood of the sound forests,

And I will cover it with the flat tiles,

One on one, like the palms of farmers….

And in the morning I will see

The sun hurt like my heart with a million arrows,

Climb between mountain ranges

And shed his golden blood in the green valley.

And I will go to the fields throughout the seasons….

I will sow the grain, a stream in my hands,

I’ll throw the grain into the falling nets.

It will stream around the young girls’ calves

Viridian fire of this clay.

And in the ovens of my sunny fields,

And under the haven of passing clouds

As I rest, in these almost eternal days,

In orderly time, in green calendars

My longed-for harvest will come

Over the years, Lakdasa’s poetry has elicited much analysis – in academic presentations, scholarly articles, an anthology here and there, theses, blogging sites – and in the popular press. Some poems were also included in the A / L English Literature program. He has been recognized as one of Sri Lanka’s greatest poets writing in English. But, unfortunately, his poetry is scattered throughout various little-known publications, and 43 years after his death, it is possible that his poetry is dark in obscurity.

But, for now, we can focus on a more urgent matter, that of finding a photo of Lakdasa and putting it on the Internet. So here is my plea. If you have a photo, could you send it to me at I am also on facebook. Thank you.


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Stephen Dybwad: Are you a money-conscious woman? | Notice Fri, 25 Jun 2021 21:05:00 +0000

Insurer Allianz surveyed women in 2019 found that 67% of women surveyed said they were worried about their current financial situation compared to 57% of men surveyed. A majority of them (81%) said they experience a lot of stress when thinking about planning for their retirement. This survey and others like it brought to light some problems.

Females are generally more concerned with risking their nest eggs than their male counterparts. Risk aversion, especially during the productive years of a woman’s life, may mean that she will not accumulate enough savings to last until her retirement years.

In the United States, the typical woman peaks at the age of 44. At that point, she will earn an average of $ 66,700, according to If you are a woman planning to retire, what steps can you take to make sure you don’t run out of money when you retire? What can you do to reduce the stress you feel when thinking about money?

Discuss (or discuss) money with your spouse or partner. If you are married, engaged, or in a committed relationship, you should discuss your concerns about finances. This speech should not be a forum for judgments or accusations about income or spending habits.

Instead, use this time to discuss your and your partner’s attitude toward savings, debt, retirement, and other money issues. Explain how your background has helped shape these attitudes and how you can use your strengths and weaknesses to create more financial peace.

Become more economical. Unfortunately, many Americans do not have the basic financial literacy to make optimal financial decisions. Fortunately, as the problem of financial illiteracy has entered mainstream consciousness, online courses and videos (many are free!) Have emerged. Take advantage of these and others offered by your workplace, university or financial advisor.

Keep a daily expense journal. If you catch yourself saying, “Wow! What happened to my salary? It might be time to start writing down your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses. Just like with diet and exercise, journaling creates a deeper awareness and can connect you emotionally to your money in ways that lead to better habits. You will start to see patterns and weaknesses and be able to address them more effectively. Plus, you’ll discover “fat” that you can reduce and use to grow your retirement accounts. As financial literacy expert Christine Luken points out, it only takes $ 24.70 per day in unnecessary expenses to reach $ 10,000 for the year!

Practice diligent personal care. So what does taking care of your physical, spiritual, and mental well-being have to do with managing money and planning for retirement? ALL! The links between your financial well-being and the rest of you are well established by psychologists. On the one hand, taking care of your body and mind can help you work longer if you want to. When you feel better, you’ll be more inclined to tackle the tasks associated with money management and retirement planning. You will also find more energy to work alongside concerts to earn extra money, participate in social activities, or hang out with friends and family.

Set up a contingency fund. Emergencies happen to even the best-planned and thriftiest individuals. A few months of hidden cash to help you overcome the unexpected helps you achieve a sense of well-being. An established emergency fund can take away the anxiety your brain creates in the face of uncertainty.

Lose the dark cloud of debt. One of the most common things that contribute to financial stress is having a lot of high interest consumer debt. Imagine how much money you will free up when you make a concerted effort to reduce that debt.

Think about retirement now. It’s never too early to think about retirement and consider seeking professional services. No matter what stage of your economic life you are in, it is always a good idea to find a guide to money matters.

There are many other ways for women to improve their future by taking back control of their money. To be informed.

STEPHEN DYBWAD is a member of Syndicated Columnists, a national organization committed to a completely transparent approach to money management.

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TajGVK Hotels posts a loss of 1.8 crore in the fourth quarter Fri, 25 Jun 2021 14:01:42 +0000

The hotel chain TajGVK Hotels & Resorts Ltd reported a loss of 1.8 crore and a turnover of 46.33 crore in the fourth quarter ended March 31, compared to a profit of 6.69 crore of and revenue of F 76.66 crore in the fourth quarter of fiscal 20.

For the fiscal year ended March 31, the company recorded a loss of 36 crore and revenue of 96.81 crore compared to profit of 36 crore and revenue of 314 crore for FY20.

GVK Reddy, President of TajGVK Hotels, said in a statement: “Despite the current challenges, the company has remained focused on implementing innovative revenue and cost optimization measures. Growth in demand has mainly come from the home entertainment and wedding segments. “

Greenwoods Palaces & Resorts, a joint venture that operates the Taj Santacruz, reported income of 17.57 crore. The iconic brand – Taj was ranked as the world’s strongest hotel brand by Brand Finance in its coveted “Hotels 50 2021” report. Five TajJGVK hotels carry the Taj brand.

Qmin, a culinary experience directory featuring dishes from the group’s signature hotel restaurants and Hospitality @Home, take-out baskets, continued to generate F&B revenue.

“The hotel industry remains strongly affected by the pandemic. We have postponed all discretionary spending and capital spending. Some of the segments that we believe will recover immediately would be the segments of weddings and domestic hobbies, ”he said.

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Coburn dominates the steeplechase, Felix progresses over 200m at American trials Fri, 25 Jun 2021 05:06:00 +0000

June 25 (Reuters) – Emma Coburn claimed victory in the women’s 3,000-meter steeplechase at the US Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon on Thursday to secure her spot at the Tokyo Games, while six-time Olympic champion Allyson Felix advanced to the semi-final of the 200 m -finals.

Rio Games bronze medalist Coburn clocked 9: 09.41 for her seventh straight U.S. title, finishing more than two seconds ahead of Courtney Frerichs, and dedicated her victory to her stricken mother. stage 4 cancer.

“Sharing that with her and that she’s doing well is more special than winning today and going to Tokyo. Sharing that with my mom is all,” said Coburn.

Gabby Thomas set a world record of 21.98 in the 200m qualifiers while Felix, 35, the 2012 Olympic champion, advanced to Friday’s semi-final with a time of 22.56.

Felix said in a TV interview that her legs have felt “a little rusty” since she claimed her seat on the plane to Tokyo, for a fifth Olympic Games, in the 400m.

“I try to spin them around and luckily I come back,” she said.

Among those who advanced in the women’s 800m were 2014 world indoor champion Chanelle Price, who set the fastest time in 1: 59.86, US record holder Ajee Wilson and 19-year-old Athing Mu. , who won his series – his first race as a professional – in 2: 00.69.

“This is my fourth down and I never got out of the first round. I just want to be honest,” said Price, 30. “I don’t come in with a big head. I know they’re coming for me.”

In the shot put final, 29-year-old Jessica Ramsey won the competition with a personal best 20.12m effort, while 2016 Olympian Raven Saunders followed at 19.96m and Adelaide Aquilla finished third with 18.95m.

Reigning Olympic champion Michelle Carter is unable to participate in the trials due to the removal of a benign tumor.

In the men’s 400 hurdles, Rai Benjamin – son of famous cricketer Winston Benjamin – advanced to the first round in 49.12, almost two years after claiming silver at the World Championships.

In the men’s 1,500, teenage phenomenon Hobbs Kessler won his race in 3: 45.63, just weeks after breaking the junior US record for 55-year-old Jim Ryun.

In the opening round of the women’s pole vault, two-time Olympic medalist Jenn Suhr, 2018 US indoor champion Katie Nageotte and Rio silver medalist Sandi Morris were among those who qualified. for the final on Saturday.

Reporting by Amy Tennery, additional reporting by Gene Cherry; Editing by Peter Rutherford

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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New campaign finance law allows childcare costs to be paid from political funds Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:12:19 +0000

What passes for political expenses in Illinois often runs the gamut.

Politicians on and off the ballot have spent campaign money over the years on legal fees – before and after indictment – meals for staff members as well as subscriptions for the Chicago Bulls, the White Sox , the Cubs and Notre Dame. Former House Speaker Michael Madigan was particularly sensitive to the Fighting Irish.

Campaign funds even once covered the funeral costs of a former state legislator.

So, why not child care?

It was a state matter according to Senator Melinda Bush who pushed her to clarify state law regarding the use of campaign funds. She argues that this clarification, which is part of a sweeping electoral bill recently enacted, could remove a barrier to candidacy.

“[Political] the office shouldn’t be owned only by people who have access to money, ”Democrat Grayslake told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Bush said she decided to seek clarification after traveling the state in 2018 while serving on an anti-harassment, equality and access committee to explain to women why they don’t. not running for election and what could be done to change that.

Access to child care was a common reason, Bush said.

State Senator Melinda Bush.
Santiago Covarrubias / Sun-Times file

Illinois law did not prohibit candidates or elected officials from using funds in their campaign coffers for this or for the care of another dependent family member, but the changes provided for in the new law clearly indicate that these are approved expenditures.

This is something that Bush has firsthand experience with.

“I can tell you that I was not a candidate for my riding board until my son grew up,” Bush said. “I had been on the board of directors of my village when my child was very young, and I felt that I did not have the capacity to run for a higher position. So I hope this will give women – single women, women of color – who are much more affected the opportunity to run for office. “

“Hopefully this will bring us to a place where women are at least 50% – [or] 51% – of the representation. “

In the Illinois legislature, women legislators make up about 39% of the House and 42% of the Senate. In Congress, women make up 27% of all members, according to the Pew Research Center found.

Groups that keep a close eye on money in politics welcome change.

Alisa Kaplan, executive director of the Reform for Illinois campaign fundraising watchdog, said allowing payment of child care or babysitting costs from political funds was “the no brainer” that could help to elected officials to come from “all walks of life” and better. “Reflect the people they serve”.

While Bush and the advocacy groups she has worked with, such as Vote Mama, hope the clarity will lead to more female candidates, men can also pay for child care costs from their campaign funds.

Alexandra Eidenberg, president of Vote Mama, said it was important, even though her organization is focused on helping women with young children get elected and stay in office.

“I think it’s really important that men also have the option to use the funds. … I also think we would see more fathers with young children serving in middle class families, ”Eidenberg said. “If we see everyday families serving, this element of child care is essential and most of these people do not have the opportunity to quit their day jobs to run for office. “

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama takes the stage with his wife Michelle and daughters Malia, second from right, and Sasha, second from left, on the last day of the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama takes the stage with his wife Michelle and daughters Malia, second from right, and Sasha, second from left, on the last day of the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.
AP Photo / The Dallas Morning News, Vernon Bryant

Illinois is the 12th state to pass legislation allowing the use of campaign funds for child care, said Liuba Grechen Shirley, founder and CEO of the Vote Mama Foundation.

Shirley, who ran for Congress in 2018, said that while her mother would help watch her two children who were one and three at the time, Shirley often had her children by her side – and strapped to her chest. – during the electoral campaign.

She asked the Federal Election Commission to be able to use her campaign funds for child care, and after that request was approved, others followed in her footsteps.

Since the FEC’s decision in 2018, 51 federal candidates on both sides of the aisle have used campaign funds for child care.

Vote leader Mama hopes Illinois law and other similar policies or bills across the country “will completely change the political landscape.”

Next, Democratic Cook County Prosecutor Anita Alvarez watches election returns with her family in their hotel suite in 2008. Children left to right are Luis 9 and 11-year-old twins Monica and Alicia.  Her husband, Dr James Gomez, is on the far right.

Next, Democratic Cook County Prosecutor Anita Alvarez watches election returns with her family in their hotel suite in 2008. Children left to right are Luis 9 and 11-year-old twins Monica and Alicia. Her husband, Dr James Gomez, is on the far right.
Richard A. Chapman / Sun-Times File

“This will ensure that no woman – or man – will have to weigh the cost of childcare when she chooses to show up,” Shirley said. “Moms with young children, when they run for office, are the ones fighting for things like reproductive rights legislation, for health care education to make sure our children get the resources. and the support they need. “

As for politicians who abuse or abuse the new law, Bush said “there is the same remedy for this as for anything”.

Instead, supporters of the measure expect it to change the way government looks and works, for the better.

“I think it’s really important to note that when mothers are in power, they see through many lenses and are some of the hardest working lawmakers,” Eidenberg said. “I hope to see more moms and dads running [because of] this legislation and in particular to see more forward-thinking moms drafting, creating and adopting legislation that supports all of our communities.

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Panasonic Announces Signature of Professional Tennis Player Naomi Osaka as Brand Ambassador | Thu, 24 Jun 2021 07:48:39 +0000

OSAKA, Japan – (BUSINESS WIRE) – June 24, 2021–

Panasonic Corporation has signed a Brand Ambassador Agreement with professional tennis player Naomi Osaka. The term of the agreement is two years from April 22, 2021.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Naomi Osaka, Panasonic Brand Ambassador (Graphic: Business Wire)

Panasonic sought the deal with Ms. Osaka after observing that her values ​​and outlook on the company resonate deeply with her own management philosophy, primarily in the following three points:

First, Ms. Osaka takes social issues seriously, going beyond tennis to share her take on what a better society would look like in her own words. The founder of Panasonic, Konosuke Matsushita, supported the idea that a stable state of happiness comes only when mental stability and material prosperity are ensured. Based on this idea, the company strives to create an ideal society where we can all enjoy a life that is both mentally fulfilling and materially rich.

Second, Ms. Osaka’s intense and powerful playing is a source of energy and courage for people all over the world. Panasonic conveyed the founder’s opinion that a company’s mission is to create a prosperous company and make people happy, and continues to work towards realizing a strong aspiration not only to provide the products that the company needs, but also to make the customers who use them feel happy and elated.

And thirdly, Ms. Osaka continues to grow and evolve as her magnificent track record as one of the best athletes in the world is the result of her tireless efforts to refine her every move during her daily training and matches. Panasonic also continues to grow and evolve in various fields, with the aim of elevating its expertise for the benefit of customers and society and achieving constant evolution.

At present, Panasonic and Ms. Osaka have entered into a brand ambassador agreement to unite their efforts to create an ideal company for every person, positioning “One Champion”. For progress. as our common commitment.

Ms. Osaka has shown that she has the courage to act in the face of adversity. Panasonic will give him sincere support.


– Panasonic’s management philosophy—02

– Why Panasonic named Naomi Osaka

– “A CHAMPION. FOR PROGRESS.” – Naomi Osaka, Panasonic Brand Ambassador (short version)

Naomi Osaka


Date of birth: October 16, 1997

Place of birth: Osaka City, Osaka

Height: 180cm

Naomi Osaka was born to a Japanese mother and Haitian-American father, who moved her to New York City in the United States when she was three years old. She is now based in Florida.

Key Achievements :

  • 2013: Begins his professional career in tennis
  • July 2014: Qualification for the first time for the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Circuit Championships at Stanford
  • January 2016: Made the third round of the Australian Open, her Grand Slam debut
  • 2016: Also reached the third round of the French Open (Roland Garros) and the US Open Tennis Championships, where she recorded a service speed of 201.1 km / h
  • September 2016: Finalist of the Toray Pan Pacific Open tennis tournament
  • October 2016: Named “Newcomer of the Year” at the 2016 WTA Awards, becoming the first Japanese player to win the award
  • March 2018: BNP Paribas Open Champion
  • August 2018: US Open Tennis Championships Champion
  • January 2019: Australian Open Champion
  • September 2019: Chinese Open tennis champion
  • September 2019: Toray Pan Pacific Open tennis tournament champion
  • August 2020: US Open Tennis Championships Champion
  • February 2021: Australian Open Champion

Current WTA Ranking: 2nd

Qualified to play at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (women’s tennis, singles)

About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is a global leader developing innovative technologies and solutions for a wide range of applications in the consumer electronics, housing, automotive and B2B industries. The company, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018, operates 522 subsidiaries and 69 associated companies worldwide and had consolidated net sales of 6,698.8 billion yen for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021. Committed to seeking new value through collaborative innovation, the company uses its technologies to create a better life and a better world for customers. Learn more about Panasonic:


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– Panasonic’s management philosophy—02

– Why Panasonic named Naomi Osaka

– “A CHAMPION. FOR PROGRESS.” – Naomi Osaka, Panasonic Brand Ambassador (short version)

See the source version on

CONTACT: Panasonic Corporation

Corporate Public Relations Department

Click here to access the media contact form



SOURCE: Panasonic Corporation

Copyright Business Wire 2021.

PUB: 06/24/2021 03:48 / DISC: 06/24 // 2021 03:48

Copyright Business Wire 2021.

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Socialist candidate wins Democratic primary Wed, 23 Jun 2021 18:35:35 +0000

As New Yorkers waited to see whether the results of Tuesday’s primary would shift Gotham politics even further to the left, an avowed socialist had won a huge upset victory in the Empire State’s second-largest city. With all the votes from the primaries and firsts counted, four-term Buffalo mayor Byron Brown appeared to have lost his Democratic primary candidacy to India Walton, a 38-year-old registered nurse and union activist who failed. has never held an elected position. Assuming insiders are correct in predicting that “postal votes are unlikely to affect the outcome”, as the Buffalo News reports, Walton will have no Republican opponent and will be elected in November.

Walton received a congratulatory call on election night from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose party line she enthusiastically supports. The alleged new mayor ran over a familiar array of progressive priorities framed in appealing populist terms, including a call to cut police funding by “remov[ing] police respond to most mental health calls. It also supports the vacancy study required by state law as a prerequisite for imposing rent controls, although current rents in Buffalo are not particularly high by regional standards. Walton wears his ideology up his sleeve: “Being the third poorest mid-sized city in this country, we should think about how we start to eradicate concentrated poverty and disadvantage,” she said in the evening. of the primaries. “And the democratic socialist tendencies are a big step in getting us there. “

Much like Ocasio-Cortez, Walton had little notoriety and was unlikely to win early on, or even in the days leading up to the vote. But like in the AOC Congressional Primary in Queens three years ago, turnout in the Buffalo race was ultra-low (just 29% of votes cast on the Democratic line in the presidential election last year), and the incumbent was an uninteresting figure who ran an overconfident campaign that was low-key to the point of being almost invisible. In the ultimate sign of a poorly conducted re-election effort, Brown will apparently step down with unspent money in his war chest. Walton, meanwhile, has reportedly raised a respectable $ 150,000 from leading progressives, including singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco, actress Cynthia Nixon and New York public attorney Jumaane Williams.

While Brown received support from the civic establishment, Walton – who proposed a “moratorium” on charter schools and a fixed minimum amount of budget support for the school district – was approved at the end of the campaign by the Buffalo Teachers Union. Having a friendly mayor who shapes the city’s annual budget proposal is obviously desirable for the union, although in Buffalo, unlike New York City, an independently elected board of education governs the city’s school district.

As for charter schools, Walton’s promise of a moratorium was pure posture. Outside of New York City, New York State charters are granted and renewed by State University and do not require approval from municipal authorities. And charter schools are a particularly popular alternative to Buffalo. The city has 20, with more than 1,750 students on their waiting lists for 2021-2022. Buffalo’s 11,000 charter school students consistently score higher on state achievement tests than the 30,000 attending Buffalo City School District schools, despite system spending of $ 21,573 per student in 2018-19, 62% more than the US average.

Buffalo has a traditional “strong mayor” system that combines patronage relief with operational oversight responsibilities, but rookie Walton executive will hardly be able to dictate wholesale policy changes. Dominant moderates dominate the Buffalo Common Council, which is made up of nine all-Democratic, all-male members, including President Darius G. Pridgen. And despite being Buffalo’s first female mayor, Walton won’t be the most powerful woman in town or even the holder of an African-American office. That honor will always belong to Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes, a pol veteran rooted in the same neighborhood political organization that launched Byron Brown’s career.

There is little reason to believe the result represents a tectonic shift towards progressivism in the Queen City. To be sure, Buffalo politics have shifted to the left since the heyday of conservative Democrats like the late Jimmy Griffin, the city’s mayor from 1978 to 1993. But the city remains a Democratic island in politically competitive Erie County, and its finances remain subject to a period of potentially renewed scrutiny by a state fiscal stability authority (created when the city appeared to be in danger of bankruptcy in 2003, though it has recently become complacent about the fiscal risks taken by Brown. ).

Nonetheless, Walton’s victory will have ripple effects beyond western New York, fueling fear among the state’s outgoing Democrats of urban progressive cadres with nothing to lose in low-rate primaries. participation. To avoid such challenges, even moderately inclined office holders have been willing to take more left-wing positions, as evidenced by the increasingly progressive votes and political positions of the Northern Democrats within the state legislature. Walton may not be able to bring the revolution to Buffalo, but his victory will strengthen this political tendency.

Photo by Robert Nickelsberg / Getty Images

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“You should not usurp the events of others” Wed, 23 Jun 2021 17:26:32 +0000

A woman planned a vacation for more than a dozen friends, but became enraged when an engagement proposal started to gain attention.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A ******” forum for advice. She and her 15 friends will all turn 40 next year. To celebrate, she has planned a trip for the whole group next year. This problem arose when a friend asked him if he could use the trip to propose.

“A lot of my friends will be turning 40 next year, so I asked my closest friend Jenn in the group if she wanted to have a joint birthday and make it a great trip,” she wrote. “I planned and booked a trip for the group. Destinations searched, flights, accommodation, activities, everything booked and organized, coordinated schedules for 16 people, etc. The trip is early next year and I just heard that her long term partner is planning to offer this trip. I asked if he could possibly find another opportunity and offered to help plan another trip for the group before or after to celebrate and surprise her with the proposal.

Jenn’s boyfriend did not respond positively to the request.

How to pack the perfect weekend bag:

“He was fuckin ‘and said I was super selfish for wanting to take the’ all around me ‘trip, and I just feel bad,” she explained. “Maybe I’m a big spoiled baby. But I feel like that has changed from an “us” trip celebrating the milestone together to an engagement trip and a party. They’ve been together for almost a decade, so the proposal is a big deal, and I’m SO happy for them, but I feel a bit taken for granted for all the hard work I’ve put into planning without help, and now the trip is going to be all about planning the engagement and the wedding. I feel like the asshole and now I’m super guilty.

Reddit users thought the poster was the right way round.

“You shouldn’t spoof other people’s events,” one user commented.

“It is selfish to have usurped an event that should concern you and your friend,” said another.

“He hijacks your plans,” wrote one person.

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Joan Ullyot dies at 80 Wed, 23 Jun 2021 13:00:48 +0000

Dr Joan Ullyot, whose running accomplishments and medical expertise made her a major pioneer in women’s running, died on June 18 at her home in Snowmass Village, near Aspen, in Colorado. She was 80 years old. The cause was a heart attack.

Ullyot’s book, Running For Women, published in 1976, was the world’s first on the subject, and she was a leader as a writer, lecturer, medical scientist, activist and role model for all women who start running relatively late in life, in her case at 30 years.

Growing up in Pasadena, California, Ullyot attended Wellesley College, but at that time she wasn’t interested in running as she never bothered to watch the Boston Marathon unfold. A talented linguist, she aspired to foreign service, until she learned that female diplomats were not allowed to marry. Switching to medicine, she attended the Free University of Berlin and entered Harvard Medical School, becoming one of its first female graduates.

She got a scholarship in cell pathology at the University of California, married and had two sons, before becoming unhappy with her 30-year-old body.

“I was the ultimate cream puff. If I could become an athlete, anyone could do it, ”she reportedly said in Current encyclopedia.

She gave credit for venturing into the race for Dr Kenneth Cooper’s seminal book Aerobic, and with the help of the family’s black lab, which towed her to the local hill during her first experimental trials, as she told Gary Cohen in a lengthy interview in 2017.

Her first race was the iconic Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, and within months she had run her first marathon, placing 13th in Boston in 1974, only the third time the race has been officially open to women. Soon Ullyot began to apply her varied intellectual skills and great energy to the whole new field of women’s running.

In two years, she won races like Lilac Bloomsday in Spokane and Hospital Hill Run in Kansas City, representing the United States as a marathoner and performer at the Women’s International Marathons in Waldniel, Germany, writing articles and columns for The world of runners and Sport and fitness for women, and traveling the world as a revolutionary speaker.

“I spoke across the country on the same post as George Sheehan and Joe Henderson. It was a lot of fun, ”she said in Cohen’s interview.

Absorbed by this new area of ​​knowledge, she shifted her medical specialty from pathology to exercise physiology. In 1976, just three years after taking her first steps in running, she had researched and published Women’s running with the Global Publications division of The world of runners.

She sold the idea to editor Joe Henderson to answer the many questions she received, as The world of runners columnist, new runners. The book was a bestseller, and she followed up with Run for free (1980; her own story plus profiles of runners such as Sister Marion Irvine) and The new running for women (1984).

Ullyot’s own run continued to progress, as she followed Arthur Lydiard’s training principles with guidance from American marathoner Ron Daws. She raced Boston 10 times, winning the Masters race in 1984, at age 43, with a time of 2:54:17. She won 10 marathons and eventually beat 2:50 at 48, with her personal best 2:47:39 on the time-honored St. George Marathon course.

Duane HowellGetty Images

She chose her races like her wines, with Catholic enthusiasm, and was a staunch supporter of San Francisco’s local Dolpin South End Runners (DSE) events, enthusiastically seizing international opportunities with the Avon Circuit and extending her active career through ultraracing.

Her medical status made her a prominent advocate for women’s long-distance running during the years of lobbying and protest that ultimately led to the inclusion of all women’s events in the Olympics.

“Her research was presented to the International Olympic Committee by the Los Angeles Olympic Committee ahead of the vote to include the women’s marathon in the 1984 Games,” former world record holder Jacqueline Hansen said in an online tribute this week . This credit is also given in the citation for Ullyot’s induction into the Road Runners Club of America Hall of Fame in 2019.

Ullyot and her second husband, scientist Charles Becker, moved in the early 1990s to Snowmass. She coached the Aspen Runners Club for about 10 years starting in 1993 and kept fit by cycling until a near fatal accident. In her later years, she focused on walking.

Many tributes this week recalled his great intelligence and his joie de vivre.

“In the weeks leading up to her unexpected death, Joan was typically very energetic and had a blast,” her son Ted Ullyot wrote.

“In the 1970s, as we all worked to shatter the myths that kept women from running, Joan was our medical beacon, a fiery example of transformation from zero to 2:47 marathon, and an unstoppable, larger than life personality. , opinionated at the top of her mighty lungs, and with an unwavering appetite for pleasure and an ability for wine, ”said Kathrine Switzer.

Ullyot also supported his lifelong dedication to travel, reading and friendships. These included many of her competitors and collaborators in the 1970s and 1980s when their pioneering generation created, championed, championed and left strong the visionary new sport of women’s road racing.

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