Here are 10 books to read this time of year


Here are the 10 books to read in October 2021 –

1. Myla Insurrection by Arjun Rao

Malaika Menon, or Agent Myla as she is called in her world of covert operations, is a highly decorated Special Forces Operator. Trained by the elite Indian Army covert operations division, the D-Squad, she is a veteran of numerous infiltration, search and destruction and assassination missions against the enemies of India. While on a mission to Pakistan, she is called back to her home in Calicut, Kerala to bury her family, all of whom have been murdered. Brutally. Struck with grief, she fulfills their last rites and then, unable to accept what appears to be an accidental homicide, she decides to look into the case. Very quickly, she realizes that there is a lot more to the situation than it seems.

2. Panchaali, the princess of peace of Saniya Inamdar

My voice sounded strange to me, as my decision would seem strange to others. “Oh my dear reunited friends, me Princess Draupadi with all due respect, obey not to marry the five illustrious brothers! I agree to marry Prince Arjuna who won my Swayamwara or I will not marry anyone! There will be a war but Princess Panchaali will not participate! Born as a woman but without experience of being human or female, the protagonist of the book finds herself in a constant struggle, a quest to understand and be understood. The story witnesses the emergence of the naive Draupadi in a complex world, complex due to its sudden mixture with the new earthly element, a puzzle due to the novelty of its matrix, the suddenness of its birth and so as she tries to understand the meaning of her birth and her life, she finds a friend.

3. Me ki Gai by Atul Khekade

Me Ki Gai by Atul Khekade is a book about a man’s journey to discover himself, his love, his happiness and how to be successful while working for someone you truly love and that excites you. We see the concept of IKIGAI in this book. The book is inspired by this beautiful Japanese concept of having a direction or a goal in life, which makes his life useful, and towards which an individual takes spontaneous and voluntary actions giving him satisfaction and meaning in life. We see the story of the main protagonist Parth, who is looking to jumpstart his career and build a better lifestyle for himself and his family. We see, he is hopelessly in love with his college friend, Ashwini. But being with her is not in her stars. Next, we see Prabhudas, who comes into Parth’s life as an angel and guides him throughout the book to help him find his purpose in life.

4. New start of Mainak Dhar

Are you studying at college or business school and wondering what it takes to land the job of your dreams? At the start of your career and wondering how to prepare for success? Do you feel bad after a few years of working and wondering how to find an opportunity that suits you best?

If you find yourself answering any of these questions, this book is for you. Brand New Start teaches you that a large part of success early in your career depends on how well you understand, articulate, and present the most important brand you can work on. Combining the wisdom and experience of a CEO gained over more than two and a half decades in the corporate world with the accessible and engaging storytelling of a bestselling novelist, Brand New Start is a unique book.

5. Right under your nose by R. Giridharan

Right Under Your Nose is a crime thriller and crime thriller. This is the first book where a pair of sleuths, a male and female sleuth are equally good and work as equal partners. Vijay, the main male protagonist, a police officer has rivals in the police to face with a genius of the murdered who uses new methods and leaves no evidence. Padmini, a freelance journalist, is the main female protagonist. As the two hunt down the elusive criminal, they fall in love.

6. My Better Half Forever by Arushi Vats

Ever since she had a panic attack, Malvika has never been the same cheerful, but clueless old maid in life. Her life once revolved around her brother who later became a memory of the past. With a dysfunctional family and mourning the loss of her brother, Malvika decides to start a new chapter in her life by walking through the doors of the university, not knowing what fate awaits her. One glance at Rahul on the first day and she feels something mysterious. The smart, confident Rahul watches her and it seems to her that they are soul mates, waiting to have their lives entangled in unconditional love.

7. What school don’t you teach by Nihit Mohan

What should I do? Who am I? What is my purpose in this mortal realm?

While living in an ever-changing world surrounded by our jobs, families and relationships, these deep questions of humanity require deep reflection and soul-searching. Indeed, this book offers a dozen excellent ways to manage the entropy of the world, while pursuing a goal.

This book contains conversations, anecdotes and experiences of my mentors and gurus, which have helped me in many facets of my life to overcome the vicissitudes of the world. Without their nurturing thoughts, it would have been unbearable and certainly would have led to performance and confidence issues. This book encompasses inferential learning based on personal experiences and multiple interactions with my mentors, gurus, friends, family and colleagues.

8. Raindrops and Caterpillars by Anuradha Prasad

Dealing with lessons for the first time is no easy task, as they can bring tears, joy, inspiration, in proportions unthinkable to the human mind and heart! Always! We learn and advance like those caterpillars that have been enslaved for a whole season but have been able to transform into beautiful butterflies during the tropical rains. Both represent changes – HUGE and PERMANENT! Sometimes we take our inspiration from nowhere. Sometimes from the least expected person or someone we could have despised our whole life! Always! We learn and move forward … Are they everyday heroes, those people whose names are etched in golden words in the pages of history? Or like you and me, who just set an example with their random acts of kindness? Or those who simply surrender to a powerful force called fate? Six human emotions and six stories to make you think if you were this HERO!

9. The Crossfire of Love by Dhiren Tiwari

After ten long years, an Amaan in his twenties reluctantly returns to his once prosperous and now desolate kingdom, Attanooga, to fulfill his mother’s last wish for a burial in his hometown. Saira is a journalist, but her job for the past five years has been the same: a beautiful bait to expose famous people with demented habits. Strangely, her memories of the past come back to her like a messy puzzle – whether it is her estranged mother, her only true hatred, or her heartbroken over her breakup with Amaan years ago. . Trapped in failing ambition and swampy relationships, Saira has a rare chance to resurrect the two. Determined to put her career and life in order at all costs, would her scheming deception end her misery or engulf him in an abyss where the lines between blood and dreams are not worthy of? confidence.

10. The Secret in My Blood by Akanksha Agarwal

The secret in my blood is a web of emotions expressed by a woman through her being which is analogous to life. The interviews recount the complex scorching state that marks the tumultuous journey from girl to woman. Each word embodies the undefined feeling of love. The poet weaves the alchemy of blood and love that must be counted, one meaningless without the other. The poems portray the fervor and rhapsody between a man and a woman with vivid characterization. Akanksha renders a vignette that illustrates the implicit aspirations, joy and ecstasy of passion and love. The book is divided into three parts – Ovulating in Emotions 2. Bleeding in Love 3. Fertile to Fly

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