I love Cadbury but don’t expect a chocolate gift basket for posting this


Hyderabad: Some Facebook pages have appeared on which users have shared a post stating that “If a user shares and comments on ‘Love Cadbury’ they will receive a gift basket within 48 hours of the comment.” The message reads “Hello everyone, my name is Nicola Hamilton and I am one of the directors of Cadbury World. There is good news for all of you to celebrate 147 years of Cadbury, all of you who are sharing and commenting. in the next 48 hours get one of these Cadbury baskets sent to their door. limit 1 per person. enjoy your free chocolate “(sic)

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Checking the facts:

The claim that Cadbury offers gift baskets to Facebook users commenting on “Love Cadbury” is FALSE.

This is a scam and the Facebook page is not an official Cadbury page. Looking at the comments on the post, we were able to assess that the post encouraged people to register their details on a website linked in the comments. This website makes no mention of Cadbury and claims to offer a movie subscription service and asks for an email address and password, but no physical address to send the chocolate to. The claim appears to have been initiated on a Facebook page named Cadbury World where users were required to submit all of their personal information.

Although the page was deleted, several other users shared the images with the viral text. Although the name of another page that shared the claim says Cadbury World, the page descriptor is @ cadburyworld21, which is not the original page.

One of the images used in the viral post is from an event in New Zealand, as evidenced by the website it was posted from, netballznz.co.nz, which states that Cadbury Netball New Zealand is delighted to ‘announce that Cadbury has extended its support for netball as a primary volunteer partner.

There are several verified Cadbury pages that do not contain any such information about gift baskets.

https://twitter.com/search?q=cadbury & src = typed_query & f =user

Several websites have debunked this claim.

https://www.saferonline.org.uk / news / cadbury-scam /? fbclid =IwAR1iXFMFeW3hi670AEHFgXTqOrJ9ATDN9Zm6q5sPB7W4S_eZhajsyv8RcAM

In 2020, a similar claim went viral, which was later debunked. Now in 2021, with text changes, the claim has resurfaced.

https://www.mirror.co.uk/money / free-cadburys-chocolate-basket-warning-22979817

https://www.thesun.co.uk/silver / 13148439 / without warning-cadbury-cart-scam-facebook /?utm_source = facebook & utm_medium = social & utm_campaign =sharebarweb

Therefore, the claim that Cadbury offers gift baskets to Facebook users commenting on “Love Cadbury” is FALSE.

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