“I’m an OnlyFans model looking for love – but dating apps are kicking me because I’m getting too many matches”



Daisy Renegade, 35, from the West Midlands, claims she has been banned from several dating apps because she has too many matches and is open about having an OnlyFans page

Daisy had several issues with dating apps

An OnlyFans model who wants to find love says she’s been kicked out of several dating apps for having “too many matches”.

Daisy Renegade, from the Midlands, has been using dating apps for two years – and for a while she got a lot of attention.

“At one point I think I had over 10,000 games,” Daisy, 35, told the Mirror.

But as her list of potential suitors grew, she began to realize that her success was slowing down – and sometimes she went days without a match.

“It’s as if the apps made me completely invisible,” she described.

Daisy added that she had also stopped receiving messages from people she had previously been matched with – and some of her matches were disappearing altogether.

Daisy says she thinks dating apps are ‘misogynistic’

She thinks she was discriminated against for having an OnlyFans page

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“I was paying for premium versions of apps but not getting any benefits,” she said.

Daisy also paid for “boosts” on her profile, which put a person at the top of the stack for the zone they were in.

Although her profile was more prominent, Daisy realized something was wrong when no one seemed to hit her directly.

She believes the unusual activity is the result of a so-called “phantom ban”, which means the account is still active, but not visible to anyone else on the app.

However, things only got worse for Daisy when her dating app accounts started disappearing completely – without any warning or explanation.

“I started creating more accounts using different phone numbers and SIM cards, but the same thing happened every time,” she recalls.

Frustrated, Daisy started emailing the dating apps she used to find out why she was being banned from the platforms – but she says she never received a proper explanation.

This led her to believe she was discriminated against for being “pretty” and having an OnlyFans account.

Although she says she has never advertised her channel on dating apps, she does link to her Instagram account, @baby.renegade, which has a link to her OnlyFans page.

“A lot of people have messaged me on apps saying I’m just here to advertise my account, but I’ve just been upfront about it from the start,” she explained.

“A lot of people won’t like that and if I’m looking to date someone the best thing to do is be honest.”

Although she can never know for sure why she was banned from several dating apps, Daisy suspects the OnlyFans page is the reason.

She said: “I think it might have to do with the fact that they don’t like sex workers in general. These apps stigmatize something that really shouldn’t be a problem.

“We live in a society that encourages women to be open and free, but as soon as we talk about sex or being liberal with our bodies, we are punished.

“I think it’s misogynistic as hell.”

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