Jay Ellis and Nina Senicar were married by their matchmaker


“Insecure” actor Jay Ellis has secured a way off the streets with his beautiful wife!

The actor – who portrayed Payback in “Top Gun: Maverick” – walked down the aisle with his girlfriend and longtime actress, Nina Senicar, at a Tuscan villa surrounded by vineyards.

Ellis celebrated life’s defining moment with a heartwarming instagram photo of him and his young wife looking at each other with love.

Jay Ellis promises his new wife Nina Senicar forever


Ellis and Senicar have been together for five years, so it was no shock when the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ star announced their marriage to the post.

The newlyweds opted for tailored Dolce & Gabbana cuts, with Ellis in a cranberry-colored tuxedo with peak lapels and silk satin trim over a white button-up shirt.

His wife looked picture-perfect in her strapless white dress with a strapless strapless top and thigh-high slit, drawing attention to her legs and white satin strappy sandals.

For her hair, the Serbian actress chose to pull it into a low ponytail that showcased her diamond earrings.

The snapshot showed the couple walking hand in hand down an unpaved road filled with greenery.

The photo was accompanied by a short, simple caption that included the date of the wedding and “per sempre” – an Italian phrase that translates to “forever.”

Although fans liked the pictures more than 100,000 times, they couldn’t gush and congratulate the newlyweds in the comments section because Ellis was keeping it closed.

That hurdle hasn’t stopped fans from taking to other social media platforms to celebrate the couple who had to call off their nuptials twice before.

Following their engagement in January 2019, the couple planned to wed on July 9 at Villa Mangiacane in San Casciano in Tuscany.

However, they had to cancel the ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic which kept people indoors. Talk to vogue about the decision, Senicar said:

“Like everyone else in the world, we had no idea how widespread it would be or how long it would last, so we had to call it all off.”

The two welcomed their first child together – a daughter, Nora Grace – in November 2019, then set a new date for July 2021.

Unfortunately, the wedding had to be postponed for the second time when they suffered a family loss which kept them away from their home for “about eight or nine months”. Eventually, they settled for July 9, 2022.

Despite the date changes, the couple never lost sight of their nuptials in Italy as it was their first vacation spot together.

Another interesting fact is how the lovebirds met and how they were joined. In 2015, their mutual friend and creative director, Tony Mancilla facilitated their meeting at a bar in Los Angeles.

The multiple postponements could have been responsible, but it was revealed that Mancilla had to go through the ordination process in others to join the amazing couple.

The ‘Escape Room’ actor enjoyed his time on ‘Insecure’

In May, the explosion reported that Ellis made his first appearance at the CultureCon Atlanta 2022 event, where he revealed why he thought his role on “Insecure” was “meaningful” to his viewers.

In a chat with media, the 40-year-old said he’s proud that people can connect with him every time he plays a character. He loved it even more when people approached him and expressed their anger at his character, Lawrence.

Ellis further revealed that her time on the HBO series was “obviously magical and just an experience I’ll never forget.” He added that the whole experience made him feel like “the luckiest kid in the world”.

He also acknowledged the cultural concept behind the award-winning show and noted the reason for the production’s narratives in regards to culture when he explained:

“One of the things we’ve always talked about is that it’s the culture’s place to tell us what the show means to the culture, not ours. We just wanted to tell stories that resonated with people like us and making people feel like their story was being told. And the rest is icing on the cake.”

The show aired for five years and ended last December to the shock of its many viewers, especially those in the black community.

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