KCR says BJP NEC was like beating around the bush

Jawab kyun nahi diye: KCR says BJP NEC was like beating around the bush

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said it was necessary for a non-BJP government to come to power.

“Thank you, Mr. Narendra Modi. We accept your proposal of a dual engine sarkar. The BJP government must go and a non-BJP government must come,” KCR said. “Now Indian people should decide which dual engine government should come. Facts and figures indicate that India needs a non-BJP government,” he said.

BJP government to change

“The BJP government must go for it at all costs,” KCR said, asking people and youth across the country to vote them out if they want the development.

“I have no doubt that the government will change. I thank the BJP government for raising the topic of ‘dual engine sarkar’,” he said. The real dual engine, KCR said, is to also have a government like TS’s at the center.

Per capita in non-BJP ruled states higher

KCR said India’s per capita income is Rs 1,49,848 and Telangana’s per capita income is Rs 2,78,833. TS has increased the state’s GDP by 128.3%, while the India’s GDP grew by 89.6%. He further pointed out that the per capita income is the highest in Sikkim. He further stated that the per capita income of non-BJP states is higher than that of BJP-run states.

CM says the figures he quoted come from the Ministry of Statistics and other official agencies.

“In the 8 years you have been in power as Prime Minister, what is the one good thing you have done for the country? KCR asked Modi.

Jawab kyun nahi diye

“I asked the Prime Minister a few questions – regarding BJP corruption and more. He did not answer a single question. The answer to the question was not given by either the Prime Minister or any leader of the BJP during the NEC,” he said. “BJP NEC was like beating around the bush,” the CM said.

He asked why Modi did not answer the questions. “Kyun (Jawab) nahi diye Narendra Modi ji? Kya Baat huh! KCR said.

“The value of the rupee has reached its lowest point. It has never been so low under the leadership of any other prime minister,” KCR said. “The prime minister needs answers. We will address all these issues in the next parliament,” KCR said. “Prime Minister Modi is the weakest prime minister in Indian history,” he added.

KCR further quashed UP CM’s claims that UP had not even reached 25% of Telangana’s per capita income under the BJP government.

Episode of Eknath Shinde

CM ridiculed the claims about a repeat of the Eknath Shinde episode. “Are BJP Ekanth Shinde Type Episodes Made?” KCR questioned. Since Eknath Shinde came to power, electricity prices have increased by 20%.

He referred to how Kitex invested in Telangana due to “good state policies”. ‘

“How is the agricultural growth in Telangana today. It contributes 21% to the state’s GSDP,” he said, adding that TS is the only state providing cash to workers in the state. Beedi.

KCR pointed to falling GDP, rising inflation, rising unemployment rate, gas, petrol, diesel, etc., citing these as the failures of the BJP. He then commented on “Make in India”. He said it was a “total flop”. “De Manja used in kite, diyas and many more are all from China including Indian flags,” he said.

Agnipath scheme

KCR said it spoke to several senior military officials. “They all gave me a collective answer. A prime minister who loves the country will not make such a mistake,” he said of the Agnipath recruitment scheme. He said officials had said the Indochinese borders were not a laboratory for BJP experiments.

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