Marshall Boosts True Wireless Headphone Line With Motif ANC


A while ago, we highlighted a trend that almost all audio brands will eventually offer true wireless headphones. Most of the businesses established at the time were probably on the fence and thought it was just a doomed marketing gimmick. Fast forward to 2021 and now we see Marshall joining in on the fun with the ANC Motif and it looks awesome.

Of the TWS headphones Men’s Gear has featured so far, we love the manufacturer’s aesthetic direction here. Much like the majority of its speakers, headphones, and other products, it carries the distinct Marshall theme. In addition, the Motif ANC benefits from a water resistant construction.

A popular feature that most buyers look for in a pair of true wireless headphones is active noise cancellation and transparency mode. Since Marshall takes on Apple, the ANC Motif matches him as well. To effectively filter out unwanted noise, it comes with three sealed silicone tips.

Choose the most comfortable from the pack and let ergonomics take care of the rest. Make sure to use the size that doesn’t budge so the buds don’t fall out. Control your music or make / receive calls with a single press of the “M” badge on the case. We also like the knurling on the short shanks.

The charging box, with the familiar Marshall script on the front affixed to the cover, matches the look of its world-famous speakers. Lift it up to reveal a printed text that says “EST. 1962 “in gold. The Motif ANC is compatible with wireless chargers and adds an additional 20 hours to the 4.5 hours of battery life.

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Images courtesy of Marshall


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