Meet the undergraduate teams participating in the 10th Annual College New Venture Challenge


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Quevos receives $ 15,000 at the College New Venture Challenge (CNVC) at Harper Center on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 (Photo credit: Eddie Quinones)

The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is pleased to announce the 16 teams selected for the 2022 College New Venture Challenge (CNVC), an undergraduate startup accelerator marking its 10th anniversary.

The fledgling companies, which will compete for investment, are offering innovations that span the gamut from medical devices to gaming platforms, from nutritious THC foods to mobile nuclear microreactors.

“The quality and diversity of the companies participating in this year’s competition have reached an all-time high,” said Starr Marcello, AM ’04, MBA ’17, associate dean of MBA programs at the University’s Booth School of Business. from Chicago and professor at the CNVC. “Several of the companies are already in the market and generating income. We look forward to working with an inspiring and exceptionally talented group of founders.

The CNVC, launched in 2012, is one of five streams of the University of Chicago’s New Venture Challenge, a leading startup accelerator that has supported more than 500 still-active companies, including Grubhub, Simple Mills and Braintree.

The CNVC is open to returning undergraduates from UCicago, as well as students in the Entrepreneurship Stream of the City Scholars Program at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC). Participants develop their business plans during a credit course at the Chicago booth during the winter term, and upon completion, the finalist teams present themselves to a panel of judges for a chance to invest.

CNVC’s investment pool has grown significantly over the life of the program, whose alumni companies include Cubii, Sokowatch, MoneyThink, Quevos, and Fronen. During the 2021 competition, the winning CNVC startups received a total investment of $ 150,000, which is double the amount of the prize from the previous year.

The following teams have been selected to participate in CNVC 2022:

Alpha Nur // Alpha Nur seeks to serve government entities such as the Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Veterans Affairs who need small sources of readily available energy by producing small reliable energy sources and mobile nuclear microreactors.

Balma Health // Balma Health LLC champions the creation of innovative and interactive public health education to give children and families an understanding of health and disease and facilitate healthy conversations between child and parent, educator or health professional, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

Baryl // Baryl brings the travel agency experience into the 21st century by helping travelers create personalized itineraries with the click of a button. Simply enter your destination, take a short quiz to share your travel preferences and Baryl will organize personalized itineraries for you.

CamUX // CamUX’s mission is to make information more accessible to people of all levels. CamUX has developed a portable eye-tracking device, which uses the position of the pupil to control mouse function and provides people with upper limb impairments an efficient and natural way to interact with the digital world.

Casgains Enterprises // Casgains Enterprises is an online content services company that aims to disrupt the traditional financial media space by further democratizing the stock market for retail investors and providing the extensive resources needed to make informed financial decisions.

Dan The Baking Man // Dan The Baking Man is a vegan and gluten-free cookie company that has developed revolutionary cookies without synthetic sweeteners, refined sugars and thickeners. It produces several varieties, including chocolate chips, double chocolate, rainbow chocolate chips, and matcha and white chocolate chips that can be found online and at retailers.

Hang // Hang is an app for spontaneous and safe group activities. Instead of delaying a party because your friends were busy, you can post it to Hang with just a few clicks and find a team near you on the fly.

Haylon Technologies // Haylon creates the architectural framework to take advantage of the strengths of different types of battery chemistry. These hybrid batteries can improve the undesirable qualities of current batteries. Its first battery design comes in the form of a long range and lightweight drone battery.

MagnaPlay // MagnaPlay is a subscription-based video game distribution platform focused on games created by independent developers. Users pay a low monthly subscription and can download and play any game on the platform. The company takes a commission from subscriptions and distributes the rest to game developers based on various player-specific engagement metrics.

Nephra // Nephra is developing remote monitoring technology for dialysis patients to break new ground in patient-centered kidney care. The early-stage medical tech startup uses a machine learning algorithm to rank key electrolyte risk ranges through convenient, non-invasive ECG readings.

OrganX Scientific // OrganX Scientific is a medical startup specializing in surgical devices that minimize adverse events, reduce hospitalizations and improve patient outcomes. It was founded in collaboration between students from the University of Chicago and researchers from the University of Chicago Medicine.

StandOut Search // StandOut Search is an online marketplace and consulting service that connects high school students with virtual internships in startups. Its mission is to make these opportunities more accessible to students of all backgrounds by charging affordable prices for its internship matching services and offering a pro bono program for low income students.

Summit // Summit is a cannabis startup developing Summit Bite, an organic, protein-rich, fast-acting edible THC. Its mission is to provide a healthy and nutritious form of THC to a growing base of health-conscious THC users looking for an alternative to smoking and high-calorie processed foods.

Tallli // Tallli brings all forms of gaming experience to a unified, streamlined and organized platform where users can track scores and stats, compete for bragging rights, and socialize on common interests, the spirit of competition and love for games.

Tiimu // Tiimu is a for-profit social enterprise focused on the sustainable development of underserved rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa through the voluntary carbon market. Tiimu will provide sales and marketing solutions to scale a diverse range of sustainable products and services needed to advance sustainable development.

ZERO for Men // ZERO for Men focuses on serving the health and image of the modern man who wants to feel confident and look their best. The ZERO Stick was designed by men, for men, to instantly cover imperfections.

To learn more about CNVC, visit the program page or contact Lucas Peralta, [email protected]


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