Netflix movie brings football, magic and love together and struggles to make sense of it


Jaadugar (2022) stars Jitendra Kumar, Javed Jaffrey, Arushi Sharma and Manoj Joshi, among others. The Netflix Hindi movie is directed by Sameer Saxena and written by Biswapati Sarkar. The 166-minute film has music composed by Nilotpal Bora.

The synopsis reads, “A small-town magician with no interest in football must lead his local team to the final of a tournament if he wants to marry the love of his life.”

Netflix India Film Jaadugar Review Contains No Spoilers

Netflix movie history Jaadugar is located in the city Neemuch of Madhya Pradesh. Every year there is a local football match between teams from two different regions. Adarsh ​​Nagar’s Sikandar still haven’t won all the matches.

Meenu (Jitendra Kumar) has no interest in football. His interests lie more in magic and love (chasing girls). His uncle (played by Javed Jaffrey) tries his best to get Meenu interested in playing football. But nothing helps. However, it is love that changes Meenu’s mind. To win the love of his life, Meenu must learn football and help his team reach the final.

We grew up listening to ‘Haarke jeetne waale ko Baazigar Kehte hai’ (He who wins after losing is called Baazigar). But in the Netflix movie, the dialogue is entirely twisted. I tried to make peace with it. I know I shouldn’t have. But I thought the plot would improve. Unfortunately, it is not the case. I was confused with the premise and how long it took to make sense.

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Perhaps the writer and director would have thought that bringing together the history of football, magic and love would create something exciting. Maybe it looked exciting enough on paper. But as a movie, it struggles. It’s hard to follow a simple story that isn’t even complicated but is 2 hours and 47 minutes long.

It’s not that Jaadugar didn’t have any fun times. There are scenes where the players from the Sikandar football team make you laugh. Jitendra Kumar does his best to bring out the romantic side. But it looks cartoonish. It’s hard to take the love angle and his motivation for learning football seriously.

Another problem with Jaadugar it’s the songs. Is it also a musical? I do not think so.

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Jaadugar Again 2

Jitendra Kumar left a good impression with his performance in Panchayat Season 2. So to see him trying to act out scenes that didn’t match his potential was deeply disappointing. The same goes for Javed Jaffrey, who is such a talented actor.

Netflix’s Jaadugar Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the Netflix movie not only fails to capture the essence of a small-town story, but it also fails to deliver an enjoyable plot. The runtime is a big lag as not everyone wants to watch a tedious movie over 160 minutes while sitting in the comfort of their room.

The film is now streaming on Netflix.

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