New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan approaches 100 sacks


“On the one hand, I think there’s some sort of universal truth that the best pass hunters are guys who can beat you in a number of ways,” said Strief, who has played 158 games with 94. departures for New Orleans. “Guys who can only rush you with speed, there are ways to get rid of it. Guys who can only rush you with power, you can get rid of it.

“But it’s tough when a guy can beat you in a number of ways and Cam, I always thought of being a powerful player first, but man, there’s a lot of finesse in his game. It’s amazing to take that. chest He’s just a guy that’s hard to get a hold of. And when you play against someone who can also take you all the way to quarterback, and you don’t get your hands on him to start with, it creates sort of so that’s the first thing, and i think it’s kinda universal with all the good pass rushers, is the ability to beat yourself up in multiple ways.

“And the second thing – I think that was really the hallmark of his career and that’s what really set him apart from a lot of others – the guy has a really unmatched drive. I think it probably is. an abuse kind of description of a guy. He’s got a motor, right? Most guys play hard, and most guys just keep playing, and most guys aren’t lazy.

“But Cam has the ability to rush with the same energy on the 60th snap as on the first. And it’s really unusual. It’s something that not a lot of people can do. Cam has always been like that. And it’s like that in training, it’s like that in games. He just wears people out, I think.

“I think most people just can’t match his energy, and you combine that with all the skills he actually has as a passer, and you start doing the 100th sack in a career interviews.”


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