Pancheros Mexican Grill coming soon in Cherry Hill, NJ



Pancheros will soon be opening in Cherry Hill, NJ, according to ROI NJ. Good news for your burrito cravings.

The Mexican Grill will be located in the Heritage Square shopping center on Route 70 East. This will be the 3rd South Jersey location owned by Mike Yurcho and Jim Kolzow. The partners also own the Pancheros in Berlin and Voorhees.

My son is a big fan of Pancheros. I often drive him to the restaurant in Hamilton Township (Mercer County), so he can have a burrito … they are huge. He tells me he loves them so much because they are fresh. They take fresh dough balls and press them on the grill for homemade tortillas. I love their slogan … Burritos Better Built.

Yurcho (from South Jersey) says: “I am very grateful for the loyalty our fans here in South Jersey have shown to our existing Pancheros restaurants. Their enthusiasm for our first two locations is why we are so confident to bring a third restaurant to the area.

I’ll let you know when I get information on the grand opening. Hope it’s soon

If you are a Pancheros rookie, check out the website here.

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