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Game Update Highlights

  • Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is now available ! New packs are available in the store, new Draft & Sealed events are available, and there is a new Mastery Pass.
  • Renewal rewards are available for all accounts created before September 16, 2021.

Notable bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some players rated up to Mythic Limited would enter a bad state where their rank was listed as “Beginner”.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Commander weighting from working properly in Brawl / Historic Brawl matchmaking.
  • “Fixed a bug where the welcome pack was not granting the correct combination of packs.
    • We made a mass grant to give affected players the appropriate packs.
  • Fixed a bug where players would not get quest progress from Direct / Friendly Challenges correctly (for real this time).

Gameplay – All Platforms

  • If you have an ability that cares about cards leaving the graveyard, we’ll make sure to give you stops, even if the ability itself is irrelevant, if you have another card that cares about cards leaving. Cemetery.
  • With a change in the rules in terms of how token naming works, we have removed the ability to name cards like Goblin Wizard in order to protect against Goblin Wizard tokens.
  • With all recent maps using phasing, we’ve moved the phasing reminder text on a hanger and off the map.
  • We worked to create a custom prompt for Delver of Secrets. I am not an expert, but I think this card could be quite good.
  • If you manage to give the werewolf pack leader all creature types and then use his ability to stop being human, we now list his types as “All But Human.”
  • Priority updated so that if an opponent’s permanent gets an end stage trigger during its post-combat main phase, maintains priority during the opponent’s main post-combat phase with all affordable actions.


  • Fixed a bug where using “Craft All” on a deck with exactly 1 uncollected card would always indicate that it would use 1 common joker (regardless of the actual rarity it would need.)
  • Fixed a bug where quick drafts could be reset under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed several bugs related to creating a deck when joining a direct / friend challenge.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the immediate display of a favorite deck.
  • Fixed a bug where the best of three challenges between friends ended after 1 game.
  • Fixed a bug where reconnecting to the game could prevent social features from working.
  • Links in error messages now point to the support page.
  • Fixed lock icon sort order to sort in front of VFX in animal selection.
  • Fixed a bug where Japanese rotation information was linked to old information.


  • Adventure cards now correctly display perpetual changes. Wondering if giving Lifelink to your Bonecrusher Giant would also give Lifelink to Stomp? Don’t wonder anymore! (The answer is yes, and then it also stays on the exile map so the giant has it once you play it too. As if that map isn’t super good already.)
  • Split Cards in Hand now correctly render Perpetual Mods.
  • Permanents that are both a source of mana and can be animated now factor in spells on the stack when determining the priority to tap those permanents.

To come up MTG Arena Events

Additional events added to MTG Arena. Read it MTG Arena Weekly Announcements to learn more!


Now available

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt arrived! New cards and styles await, along with brand new sticker emoticons!


Midnight Hunt Sticker Pack

  • Lots of Moon, Very Sticky Emote
  • Teferi sticker emote
  • Gisa sticker emote

Cost: 1,000 gems or 5,000 gold

Eternal Night Full Art Basic Lands

  • Eternal Night Full Art Basic Plains
  • Eternal Night Full Art Basic Plains
  • Eternal Night Full Art Basic Island
  • Eternal Night Full Art Basic Island
  • Eternal Night Full Art Basic Swamp
  • Eternal Night Full Art Basic Swamp
  • Eternal Night Full Art Basic Mountain
  • Eternal Night Full Art Basic Mountain
  • Eternal Night Full Art Basic Forest
  • Eternal Night Full Art Basic Forest

Cost: 5,000 gems or 25,000 gold

Midnight Hunt Unbound Planeswalker Pack

  • Arlinn, Hope of the Pack card style
  • Teferi, which slows down the Sunset card style
  • Style Wrenn and Seven Cards

Cost: 800 gems or 4000 gold

Lot of land without borders

  • Deserted beach card style
  • Haunted Ridge Map Style
  • Overgrown farmland map style
  • Rockfall Valley Map Style
  • Shipwreck Swamp Map Style

Cost: 1,000 gems or 5,000 gold

Equinox: Harvest Tide Styles

  • Arlinn, Hope of the Pack card style
  • Brutal Cathar card style
  • Dawnhart Rejuvenation Card Style
  • Dawnhart Guardians Map Style
  • Saryth, the viper’s fang card style
  • Spellrune Painter Card Style
  • Tireless carrier card style
  • Dog Tamer Card Style

Cost: 1,800 gems or 9,000 gold

Equinox: styles of predators

  • Baneblade Scoundrel Map Style
  • Fangblade Bandit Card Style
  • Ruffian Tavern Card Style
  • Outland Liberator Map Style
  • Tovolar, Dire Overlord card style
  • Shady traveler card style
  • Reckless Stormseeker Card Style
  • Burly Breaker Card Style

Cost: 1,600 gems or 8,000 gold

Card styles

Now available for purchase through the Deckbuilder:

Art of depth:

Magic missile
Triumphant adventurer
Chaos Channeler
Skeletal swarming
Elemental of the Cult of Air
Enchanted sleep
Djinni Windwatcher
Dragon fire
Claim premium
Sell ​​the jaded sword
Minimus Containment
Planar ally
Precipitous fall
Priest of ancient traditions
Booty of the Hunt
Singer of Valor
Yuan-Ti Fang-Lame
Barrowin of the Undurr clan
Bruenor’s Battle Hammer
Farideh, the devil’s chosen one
Gretchen Titchwillow
Hama Pashar, searcher of ruins
Kalain, Reclusive Painter
Baldur’s Krydle Gate
Shessra, the whisper of death
Targ Nar, Gnoll Demonfang
Trelasarra, moon dancer
Intelligent Summoner
Find the way
Kick in the door
Shortcut finder
Veteran Dungeon
Ebondeath, Dracolich
Frozen Death, Frost Tyrant
Hell of the Starmounts
Iymrith, Desert Desert
Old rodent
Asmodeus the Archdemon
Frost Dragon Cave
Delina, wild mage
Bear’s Lair
Grazilaxx, illithid scholar
Hall of Storm Giants
The Tyrant of the Ruche de l ‘Eyeil
Hydra’s Lair
Nadaar, Selfless Paladin
Varis, Silvermoon Ranger
black Dragon
Blue dragon
Green dragon
Red Dragon
White Dragon


Arborea Pegasus
Barrowin of the Undurr clan
Flashing dog
Clicking skeletons
Cloister gargoyle
Dire Wolf Prowler
Beast displacer
Gelatinous cube
Goblin Javelin
Hama Pashar, searcher of ruins
giant spur
Hateful troll
Nadaar, Selfless Paladin
Neverwinter Dryad
Ocher jelly
Frost Giant Frost Shield
Rust monster
La Tarrasque
Dark basil
Varis, Silvermoon Ranger
Regent of Westgate

Leaving soon

  • Company mechanic
  • Mechanic sleeve
  • Bolas Kaida Yuji Sleeve
  • Clutch bag Liliana Yoshitaka Amano

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