Pizza-loving parrot perfects Domino’s publicity yodel – securing a discount for the proud owner



This pizza-loving parrot has learned to imitate the yodelling of the Domino’s TV commercial – with his pitch-perfect performance earning his proud owner a discount on his next order.

Claire McCarthy filmed a ‘mouth’ African Gray Ruby shouting ‘Domino-hoo-hoo’ in the adverts showing customers yelling at each other to signal they want to order from the pizza chain.

After sharing Ruby’s newfound talent on social media to the delight of her friends, the warehouse worker then contacted Domino’s.

The pizza chain appeared to give the tribute its stamp of approval by offering the 49-year-old a 50% off voucher which she has yet to redeem.

Claire has had Ruby and her brother Gray since she was six weeks old, but admits that Ruby is much more outspoken than her brother.

Claire, from Bexley, Greater London, said: “Ruby was the one who learned to yodel from the Domino – Gray doesn’t talk much.

“Ruby sings a few other little songs. She heard the Domino’s and in two days she had learned it.

The Domino’s yodeling isn’t the only jingle Ruby has perfected, also copying the McDonald’s whistle as she also bursts into a rendition of James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful.”

“She’s very talkative – you can argue with her. It’s funny because Gray barely speaks. The only thing he yells is ‘Come on!’

“Ruby is definitely the louder of the two. I sent the video to Domino’s and they contacted me to give me a 50% off coupon.

“They really appreciated it. They immediately messaged and I found a cheaper pizza. I haven’t ordered any yet, but I have until the end of August.”

According to Claire, the boisterous Ruby is constantly picking up jingles and phrases as she’s also “chatting” with Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, Alexa.

Claire said: “Ruby picks up a lot of stuff. Right now all she says is ‘Alexa’, and I’ve set up Alexa to say ‘Hi Ruby’.

Ruby is known to annoy her brother Grey, who McCarthy says is much quieter, by singing
Ruby has been known to annoy her brother Grey, who McCarthy says is much quieter, by singing “Grey loves his mama” while Gray only says “Come on”.

“She’ll sing that James Blunt song ‘You’re Beautiful.

“She doesn’t really learn new commercials by the minute. They’ll both whistle McDonald’s music – then she’ll sing ‘Grey loves his mama’, which he hates.”

A Domino’s spokesperson said: “Domino’s Yodel has been a smash hit since it launched last summer and we love to hear the great and good use he makes of it to bring their friends together to order pizza.

“This is definitely the first of our feathered friends we’ve seen yodeling and a big thank you to Claire for sharing it with us. We hope you enjoyed your scorching thank you pizza!”

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