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The twelfth sun sign Pisces is known to be the most romantic and emotional love partner on the list. Pisces are intuitive and sensitive. It is often said that a person who falls in love with Pisces gets the best companion for life. People who fall under this sign tend to be dramatic, loyal, respectful, sensitive and emotional by nature.

When talking about love and compatibility with other sun signs, your love meter shows the highest percentage with Cancer and Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn. Read the reasons why and how these signs become compatible with you.

Who is a good or bad match for you Pisces?

Pisces and Aries

A relationship built on drive and intuitiveness is very much on the horizon when Pisces and Aries come together to forge a romance. Known for their empathetic nature, Pisces can prove to be the perfect guardians for results-oriented but reckless Aries. In return, Aries can provide the ever-dreamy Pisces with some direction and purpose in life. Of different nature, they can quite build the perfect union to comfort each other.

Pisces and Taurus

A romantic relationship is definitely on the cards when Pisces and Taurus forge a love-based relationship. Considered quite tough and unwavering on the outside, Taurus has a romantic side that’s perfectly in tune with deeply emotional Pisces. Since both of these signs are kind, gentle, and full of empathy; a strong bond of harmony can be established between them.

Pisces and Gemini

The zodiac charts say you are both inseparable once matched. The romance is still rooted between you two. For Pisces and Gemini, compatibility is endlessly aided by your mutual desire to be kind to each other and also to care for each other. Pisces will shower Gemini with love and affection, while, on the other end, Gemini will woo Pisces with flair and charm. Therefore, you are the pair with the good mood.

Pisces and Cancer

People who fall under these two signs are often in sync in their relationship. The most common personality traits inherited from both of you are compassion and trust. The love between you two is spontaneous. You both bring an excellent level of understanding. The compatibility of Pisces and Cancer can be called the gift of the zodiac charts. Therefore, both of you are known to be one of the best compatible on the list.

Pisces and Leo

Pisces and Leo could start a relationship on a high note, but there’s always a question about how long it might last. Pisces are known to be dreamy, altruistic beings who avoid hogging the spotlight, while Leos are always like the center of attraction and are a little too outspoken. Empathetic Pisces will do their best to adapt to the enigmatic Leos, but might not be able to absorb their fiery nature for too long.

Pisces and Virgo

Pisces and Virgo make a compatible couple in love because they both have qualities of empathy and caring embedded in them. You will both gain mutual respect because the values ​​you live your life with are pretty much the same. Pisces can infuse that emotional touch into the ever-practical Virgo, while Virgo can make Pisces more realistic in their approach to life. In short, this pair becomes a win-win situation for each other.

Pisces and Libra

Pisces and Libra are one of the most compatible zodiac pairs in every way. These two signs have so much in common that a wonderful relationship between the two is based on mutual friendship and trust. Known for their taste for aesthetics, beauty, and the finer things in life, these two signs find great comfort in each other and enjoy each other’s company. Indecision is common to both of these zodiac signs and they should get rid of it to achieve common goals.

Pisces and Scorpio

A powerful couple! In terms of love, you both tend to find the best partner for life. When a Pisces and a Cancer are paired, they are usually referred to as soul mates. There is a dreamy aura around your relationship when you are seen as a couple. People who fall under these two signs have the best bond. The traits you both have in common are sensitivity and emotions. Therefore, both of these signs are interested in serious and committed relationships.

Pisces and Sagittarius

Pisces might get weirded out by free-spirited Sagittarius, but the philosophical bent of mind between the two might just prove to be the binding force in a romantic relationship forged between the two zodiacs. Pisces could be the perfect beings to understand the reckless nature of Sagittarians and highly emotional beings will in turn be perfectly taken care of by the big-hearted Archers of the Zodiac. A relationship that can surely be built on empathy and caring for each other.

Pisces and Capricorn

wow! What a strong bond. Pisces, the sign of the fish, is a very gentle and loving soul as they believe in adaptability and flexibility and are willing to make sacrifices for their loved ones. But also, these couples tend to understand the different parts of their story in life. The level of maturity in you two seems to be reaching the highest level of the scale. Therefore, it brings light to your love life.

Pisces and Aquarius

Pisces and Aquarius compatibility could be termed as a friendship turning into a relationship. Known as the dreamers of the zodiac, Pisces see Aquarians as visionaries to turn their dreams into reality. Endowed with a strong sense of intuition to overcome obstacles, these two zodiac signs complement each other perfectly and forge a solid relationship.

Pisces and Pisces

A deeply emotional and spiritual connection is made when two Pisces meet in a romantic relationship. The essence of this bond comes from an underlying need to infuse peace and harmony into each other’s lives. Empathy and caring are the guiding principles that help make their bond healthy and lasting.

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