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When we hear of magical love, we think of Raj-Simran’s wala love only where they cross borders and fight the world just to be together. However, as the years go by and we face the world, many of us grieve and become cynical about “true love”. And you end up wondering, does true love exist? However, after experiencing Garry and Pranay’s love affair, we will all say a loud “Yes” that true love definitely does exist.

Garry and Pranay

This love story is about Gaurav Arora aka Garry from Delhi and Przemek Pawlicki aka Pranay from Poland, who once met in the village of Hauz Khas, fell in love and crossed borders just to be together. Read their full story here.

Garry and Pranay

According to sources, the two ended up on a dating app. Their journey began in New Delhi where they met for their first “date” in the village of Hauz Khas.

Pranay said: “I was visiting the country of Warsaw, Poland, where I live, and I was immediately fascinated by Garry when I stumbled upon his profile, and I knew I had to meet him.” Garry arrived in Poland for Christmas, he met Pranay’s family and clicked immediately. The two families supported their relationship and had only immense love for them.

Garry and Pranay

The two moved in together and stayed in Poland for 4 years. They then moved to Amsterdam. Pranay proposed to Gaurav the same week as Valentine’s Day. Gaurav and Pranay got married in Denmark, in matching pink sherwanis, although the original plan was to wear costumes.

The wedding was a private and intimate event that only had a handful of friends as guests. Pranay and Gaurav also run an Instagram account together where they post about their joint journey.


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