Splatoon 3 will be updated to version 1.2.0 tomorrow, here are the patch notes



Changes to amiibo

Added support for Inkling (yellow), Octaling (blue), and Smallfry amiibo.

Communications Changes

  • Improvements to data transfer between players.
  • On average, data will be transferred about 0.05 seconds faster than before.
  • Users can expect to see a reduction in the time it takes for a player to take damage, the time it takes to touch a golden egg and pick it up, and other similar actions.
  • These improvements cannot completely compensate for a slow or unreliable Internet connection.

Multiplayer Changes

  • Specifications of some secondary weapons have been changed:

Bubbly Bomb – Increased the time it takes for ink to start recovering after using a Bubbly Bomb by approximately 0.25 seconds.

  • The points required for some special weapons have been changed:

Flingza roll – 200 to 210

Tossing machine – 200 to 210

REEF-LUX 450 – 200 to 210

Changes to Splatfest

  • Made it so that when players from each team spawn during Open and Pro Splatfest battles, each team’s affiliation is also displayed, making it easy to know which Splatfest team they belong to.
  • Made it possible to report “Fresh!” hand-drawn images appearing in the sky above Splatsville during a Splatfest.

Other Changes

  • Information such as the name of the current mode and the progress of a challenge will now be displayed when opening the lobby menu while matchmaking in the lobby or Grizzco.
  • When playing alone, immediately after choosing “Keep Going” or “Change Gear, Then Go!” the player can now use the – button in the lobby or Grizzco to cancel matchmaking, depending on the game mode selected.
  • In the lobby or Grizzco, when the player can select “OK!” or “Yeah” when joining a friend, a sound effect will now play and the controller will vibrate to notify the player.
  • Improved matchmaking efficiency for Anarchy Battles (Open), Anarchy Battles (Series), Splatfest Battles (Open), and Tricolor Attack.
  • These changes mean that a pair of players joining an Anarchy Battle (Open) or Splatfest Battle (Open) can expect shorter wait times.
  • When playing amiibo with a saved Freshest Fit on the gear screen, there will now be an exclamation mark where “Freshest Fit” will display in the bottom right of the screen.

This update focuses on adjusting some weapons, improving several features, and fixing bugs related to battles.

We have implemented several adjustments to somewhat reduce the playstyle where the player stays away from the action and continuously uses secondary weapons or special weapons. This hotfix prioritizes bug fixes, and more weapon tweaks will continue in the next update.

Additionally, we’ve reduced matchmaking time for some modes, reduced battle latency, and made some handy little improvements to the lobby and more.

The next update will focus on new features for the season starting in December, weapon balancing changes, and changes to the Splatfest Tricolor Attack mode. Its release is scheduled for the end of the current season.

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