Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes Available in Canada Starting Tuesday


VANCOUVER – It’s PSL season, folks.

While generally ubiquitous in the fall, Starbucks will introduce its hugely popular pumpkin spice latte drinks in Canadian stores starting Tuesday.

To mark the return of the delicious drink, Starbucks launched what it calls a “pumpkin love meter”, Which allows people to take a quiz that helps determine how much of a pumpkin spice lover you really are.

“Find out where you fall,” one reads.

Considered the most popular Starbucks seasonal drink of all time, in mid-August, Starbucks announced a “Pumpkin Spice Coffee Booster” in several grocery stores “inspired by the original Starbucks PSL, a favorite drink of consumers. fans that first launched in Starbucks stores almost two decades ago.

“Enjoy your favorite Starbucks coffee flavor from the comfort of your own home,” the company wrote.

“Proudly made in Canada, Starbucks Coffee Boosters are delicious in hot and cold coffee drinks with a perfectly smooth, balanced taste that pairs well with any Starbucks coffee. “

The full collection includes a variety of flavors, such as Caramel Macchiato, Cinnamon Dolce, White Chocolate Mocha, and Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice.

Also announced in August, Starbucks Canada announced that it is reintroducing reusable personal cups across the country as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to reduce waste by 50% by 2030.

The new paper straws are compostable and have been carefully selected for their durability.

“Since we announced our global commitment to eliminate single-use plastic straws in all stores, Starbucks Canada has relentlessly focused on finding a straw alternative that meets our quality standards and needs. of customers, ”said Lori Digulla, senior vice president and general manager of Starbucks. Canada.

“We are proud to take this last step to remove all plastic straws from our stores. We remain committed to moving away from single-use plastics to be part of a solution that helps our planet in a sustainable way. “

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