The Dayton couple celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary

“Humor is something that keeps our family together,” said Faye.

The couple feel very lucky to have taken this important step in their marriage. It’s something they feared they wouldn’t be able to celebrate after Ron was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year.

The Duncan family have been deeply involved in the Dayton community for decades. Ron served as a high school and college umpire in the area for many years, while Faye has written several books. Their eldest son, Bill Duncan, is currently the mayor of Oakwood and their son Tom is the former CFO of Premier Health. Their son Joe is retired and owns his own business in Troy, and their daughter Beth Duncan owns a small business in Washington Twp.

When asked how they managed to get married for 70 years, Ron and Faye both answered the same thing.

“We have completely supported each other’s interests,” said Ron. “Faye had interests and I had interests, and we always supported each other.”

Along with the couple’s four children, they have nine grandchildren and are expecting their 15th great-grandchild later this year. Watching their family grow up is something Ron and Faye hold dear.

Throughout the interview with the couple, they constantly made jokes with each other. It was if they were still at the honeymoon stage of their relationship, even after all this time.

“When people ask how we’ve been married for so long, I always say she does what she wants to do and I do what she wants to do,” Ron said with a smile on his face.

When asked what they would say to future generations on how to find lasting, genuine and true love, Ron and Faye gave some great advice.

“If you haven’t been fortunate enough to witness true love, then you have to decide that finding true love is what you’re going to do,” Faye said. “If you want to have a good life, you have to try to make it the way you want.”

The couple look forward to celebrating the special occasion with all 46 of their wardrobe family members today. Although Ron is no longer able to walk due to his cancer diagnosis, the couple hope to share a special dance together to celebrate 70 years of joking, watching their family grow up and getting “goo-goo” eyes.

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