(Video) TikToker breaks down in tears after first love marriage plans fail


In life, we can make plans, but sometimes things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. That being said, maybe it’s best to trust the process and accept what happened was meant to be.

For this social media user known as Iqbal Baharom, he revealed that he has already come to terms with the fact that his marriage plans with his first love have come to an abrupt end, despite several preparations for the special day.


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Through a video shared on his TikTok @manusiaberbulu, the 32-year-old shared with his followers a photo of the marriage course certificate he received last year, aside from the matching white wedding attire with his old flame. “The plan of man is effort. (Meanwhile) God’s plan is destiny ”, Iqbal noticed in painful clip. “Do not think badly of God. He is the best planner.

Towards the end of the 23-second clip, the TikToker also struggles to hold back tears as they remember the struggles they are going through. Iqbal admitted that his ex-fiancée is a good person. However, he pointed out that he may have made a mistake or was not fit to become her husband.

With over 31,000 views on social media at the time of writing (Friday, September 17), the response space has been inundated with comments from netizens equally saddened and sympathetic to the unfortunate incident that befell Iqbal. Others also inundated the man with heartwarming words and also prayed that he would meet his soul mate someday.

Source: TikTok

Stay strong and don’t worry too much, Iqbal. You know what they say, there are tons of other fish in the sea. ??

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