Visit these local plant stores to find your next leafy friend

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Everything you need to know to keep houseplants alive in Colorado

Denver has an almost overwhelming number of plant stores. These are some of our favorites.

While plants in Denver’s plethora of nurseries may be more expensive than those at Home Depot or Lowes, the extra expense benefits your happiness: Most big-box salespeople just aren’t as savvy when it comes to it. of plants than these local suppliers. , which give advice before curling your bromeliad. Their involvement doesn’t end there either – most offer additional perks to help you care for your new addition or grow your family. After all, you need a village.

Gardens of the Green Lady
Jessica Schutz built her store in the Arts District in Santa Fe on a simple idea: people don’t kill plants; they just never got the right one. Its convenient labeling system acts as a matchmaker, helping you identify the appropriate selections for your home’s lighting level and experience. 733 Santa Fe Drive

The Herbarium shop
Long before houseplants became an interior design obsession, Dennis Reedy sold them at his Capitol Hill store, which opened in 1974. Sometimes the sprawling stock spills into a fenced yard next to the building – and can be seen on the store’s Instagram, @herberyboutique. 819 E. Sixth avenue.

Little Rose Lula
An outgrowth of owner Oliver Miller-Finkel’s cafe down the street, Lula Rose General Store, this cactus and succulent-focused nursery lives in a sun-drenched former car dealership in the Congress Park neighborhood. 3030 E. Colfax Ave.

Invaded house
Once you’ve grown from spider plants to rare orchids, you might turn to individual collectors on the Facebook Marketplace. That is, unless you know that in October 2020, Anna Bernhardt and Nathan Samsel opened this West Highland shop, where rare imports from Ecuador and Indonesia grow hydroponically in the store. . 4322 West 35th Ave.

The plant room
Victor Sosa-Meza’s one-year-old brick and mortar in Jefferson Park already has a reputation for hard-to-find varietals, like Pink Princess Philodendrons and Thai Constellation Monsteras. Aficionados have driven hours for her sale of rare collectibles at the end of each month (check her Instagram pages for the exact dates). 2304, federal boulevard

Please, plants
Along with pothos, lounge palms, and other popular selections, Olivia Meininger sells sex toys, lingerie, skin care products, and smoking accessories at this Capitol Hill boutique. The funky red bulbs create an atmosphere that says nightclub instead of nursery. 226 E. 13th Ave.

Rosehouse Botanicals
This living botany of South Broadway takes a delightfully dispersed approach to conserving, storing cacti, succulents, air plants, orchids, and tropical varietals. Partner Kristin Schuch also works at Apothecary Tinctura, so you’ll also find her essential oils and herbal remedies there. 14 S. Broadway

Owner Paige Briscoe applies the punch card pattern commonly seen in coffeeshops at her RiNo location: pick any four-inch plant for free after you buy 10. Since you’re already getting something for nothing, we recommend you to ‘buy the shower filled with dried eucalyptus. package, which releases a soothing scent when exposed to steam. 1218 34th street

Stephane Floret
Stephanie Esposito runs a mostly online store selling products suitable for beginners (check out her events page to catch her IRL at the Occasional Farmers Market) as well as flower arrangements.

Small Plants Denver
If there’s something Denverites love more than houseplants, it’s happy hour. Megan Ramos is taking full advantage of her monthly Tiny Plant pop-ups at Lagerhaus in Bierstadt, where she works as a bartender. Not a beer drinker? To follow @tinyplantsdenver for occasional stays by Ramos on Tuesdays at Stem ciders’ RiNo taproom – on these days, ticket holders are given four plants accompanied by a flight of apples. Cider Tickets & Sides from $ 25

The Terrorium store
Rodent skulls. Insect specimens. Teeth recovered. Amber Hage-Ali runs a small horror plant shop in the Regis neighborhood, where her crafty and unique ‘terroriums’ feature responsibly sourced taxidermy bones alongside moss and other greens, delight fans of all that is macabre. 3611 West 49th Ave.

Tigrelily Merchandise
Frustrated with unnecessary bouquets, Neicy Geis opened Tigerlily Goods in West Highland to encourage shoppers to donate still-living foliage. We especially like its section of pet-friendly offers that won’t make a curious kitten sick after snacking. 3795 Grove Street

The urban nursery
Annie Huston owns both this indoor nursery in RiNo and an outward-facing boutique in Englewood called Birdsall & Co. The Garden Boutique. Stop by the Urban Nursery for help pairing a plant with a container, because, yes, the container matters. 3040 Blake Street, Suite 131

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