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The weekly TwinSpires Harness blog update covers our successes and failures from selected features and the H2W (List of Horses to Watch). H2W horses up to the following Monday appear in the results of the next update.

Thursday January 6

This week’s Mohawk Miles contenders were unreliable. In Race 6, Lovely ruby (28-1) was ruined in traffic, broke and was fifth in sixth place behind the race favorite. Then, in Race 7, we ended up with the favorite 3-2, Zebs watch, and were beaten up by a public stranger.

At Freehold, we approached a Pick 4 aggressively but were beaten by three public picks. Here is the recap:
Step 1 – Frankandjoanne ($ 2.80, $ 2.40); Ultimate Woodmere (9-1) seventh. The winner was 12-1.
2nd step – Miss Popeye (34-1) sixth; Rhythm of the night (2-1) eighth. The winner was the crowd favorite.
Step 3 – Pedigree Blue Chip (17-1) fourth; Monitoring (9-1) sixth.
Step 4 – princess holly n ($ 3.40, $ 2.60); Indigenous ideal striped.

Friday January 7

In just one feature at Mohawk, bettors measured the top contenders in Race 8 evenly. A pair of 2-1 entries left the gate; one of them was our choice, Mach Impact. He was the favorite by pennies but was beaten by the other shot 2-1. Mach Impact took three quarters first and was passed late to finish fifth.

Saturday January 8

For the Pick 4 (races 6-9) at the Meadowlands, we have suggested eight competitors to consider for your ticket, as well as the single-race exotics.
Race 6 – Walknafter Midnite (6-1) was sixth; Chaos Hanover (10-1) was seventh. The favorite in the race won.
Race 7 – The favorite wins. Hill of a horse ($ 4.60, $ 3.60; Exacta $ 13.80) finished second and Darlene Hanover (28-1) finished fourth in the superfecta.
Race 8 – JK Will Power (45-1) finished 10th; Pit on the right ($ 3.40, $ 2.60) placed. The public’s second choice won.
Race 9 – Stride of Typhoon N (24-1) was sixth; The Dancing Birds N (5-2) finished fourth in the superfecta.

Note: Selected features and Power Plays Race losers appear in the following week’s H2W or repeat as cast members of another selected feature.


The H2W results list prices at all levels. Listed exactas include an H2W horse finishing second behind a race favorite or whether the top two finishers are H2W horses (an asterisk appears when both horses are listed – a cold exacta). The “OK” rating determines that the prices are correct (even when a show price exceeds a seat price or all prices are the same).

Please note that some results reflect horse racing after blog posts (they appear the following week).

This week there were 32 H2W horses (13% success rate and 50% ATB [across-the-board] to hit). Horses with asterisks before their names were @FrankCotolo tweets. Follow for late choices.


Dance traveler, $ 8.00, $ 4.60, $ 2.10, Cal Expo
Way to Close, $ 4.40, $ 3.00, $ 2.80, Meadowlands
Vector, $ 4.20, $ 3.40, $ 2.40, Prairies
Prescotts Hope, $ 4.00, $ 2.80, $ 2.10, Hawthorne


Pay Later, $ 11.80, $ 6.20 (Exacta, $ 19.50), Monticello
Parkland Jet, $ 8.40, $ 5.00, Meadowlands
Greenhill Hanover, $ 8.20, $ 4.60, Meadowlands
Marced Magic, $ 4.20, $ 3.40, Cal Expo
A Little Lucky Magic, $ 3.60, $ 2.20, Freehold
Rockin Airway, $ 2.80, $ 2.40, Miami
Instant call, $ 2.20, $ 2.10, Meadows


All About Lynx, $ 7.60, Miami
Douwantobldasnoman, $ 5.20, $ 2.10, Northfield
Fox Valley Gemini, $ 3.60, Hawthorne
More Than Much, $ 3.20, Northfield
Solosos Rockit, $ 2.20, Northfield


The 2022 240-day meeting at Yonkers Circuit starts Monday January 10 with a program of 11 races. The first post-race hour is this competition earlier – 6:55 p.m. ET from 7:15 p.m. in previous years. The Yonkers Stakes action in 2022 begins in March with the Blue Chip Matchmaker Series for Boost Mares and the MGM Borgata Boost Series for Free on March 18 and 21, respectively. Preliminary round action continues in April, with the finals set for Monday, April 25.

A handful from all sources of $ 27,313,164 raised Hollywood Dayton Tour at its best season. The 2021 figure at the recently concluded 70-day meet was a 14.6% increase from 2020. The Ohio track broke its all-time daily processing record on December 23 when $ 850,522 were wagered on the program. Six of the 12 best grips in Dayton history in eight years were recorded in 2021.

When the meadows opened its 2022 harness season on January 5, it introduced a end of jet lag. It was a source of frustration for the players, so the Meadows took him out. Now, as soon as the clock goes from “1” to “0”, the start gate leaves its position on the rear section and rolls into the turn, picking up the horses in front of the toteboard and releasing them on the rear section. The TV monitor shows the gate car as it leaves its position in front of the paddock so punters know the race is about to begin.

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