What does your Black Moon Lilith sign mean in astrology?


Lilith is one of the most controversial figures in mythology. It symbolizes sexuality and the shadow-self. She embodies the dark and hidden aspects of the psyche. Secrets and sensuality. Let’s find out what your Black Moon Lilith sign means in astrology as it gains popularity on TikTok.

She is a figure with a long history, mainly associated with the “fallen woman”.

Women were excluded because they dared to embrace pleasure. Known from Mesopotamian and Judaic mythology, the first wife of Adam. Banished from Eden for not obeying him.

But in recent culture, she is embraced for her femininity and seen as empowering.

Lilith in astrology

Lilith, the astrologer’s associate, with the “dark moon”. Lilith in astrology is not a planet or a celestial body but a certain point in space. Instead, it is the furthest point in the moon’s orbit around the earth.

Lilith’s location in your chart may represent areas you have to deal with. The shadow-self necessary to face in order to evolve. Understanding your Lilith sign can help you heal this hidden part of yourself.

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Calculate your Lilith sign

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Your astrological makeup depends on when and where you were born.

So, to calculate your Lilith sign, you will need your time and place of birth.

Luckily you don’t have to figure this out yourself, Cafe Astrology has a quick and easy Lilith sign calculator. Once you have found your sign, read below to find out what it means.

What your Lilith sign means:

Lilith in Aries:

Power and control! Lilith in Aries is fierce and acts on impulse. They are rebellious and ruthless. They feel the need to value themselves, which often leads to trouble. They are prone to self-sabotage and should learn to express their emotions in healthy ways.

Lilith in Taurus:

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Taurus Lilith’s love pleasure, they want to satisfy their senses. They adore material possessions, touch and good food. Although prone to excess, they must learn to control their greed and possessiveness.

Lilith in Gemini:

Gemini Lilith love to learn, their curious nature will take them far but can also get them in trouble. They express their opinions regardless of what people think. They enjoy conversation and connecting with people on an intellectual level. However, they may struggle to make emotional connections.

Lilith in Cancer:

Cancer values ​​the roots of home and family, but Lilith in Cancer can mean a tough upbringing. Their desire for a stable home may not match their reality, which can lead to confusion and sensitivity in adulthood. Finding people who understand you and places where you feel safe is important for cancer Lilith’s

Lilith in Leo:

Actress Marilyn Monroe tries to hold her dress up as the wind from a subway grate blows her up during filming for The Seven Year Itch in Manhattan.

You are a risk taker, optimist and popular. You light up a room and people notice you. Although outward confidence seems easy for the Leo Lilith, he can have a hard time finding self-confidence. Overcompensation of their inner struggle may occur, they may find it difficult to really show themselves. Marilyn Monroe is a perfect example of Lilith in Leo.

Lilith in Virgo:

Lilith’s chaos juxtaposes the Virgo’s desire for duty and order. Obsessive-compulsive characteristics may manifest and you may find it difficult to relax. Feelings of shame and guilt can arise in pleasure. Give yourself lots of patience and love.

Lilith in Libra:

A Libra Lilith wants nothing more than to be loved. They seek the raw romantic understanding of a soul mate. You seek balance and harmony and can be people-pleasing. Relationships transform you. But finding yourself in bad company can be detrimental to your being.

Lilith in Scorpio:

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Lillith energy thrives in scorpion. She is intense, obsessive and jealous. Lillith will force you to confront the darkest parts of yourself and emerge more powerful. She is secretive and seductive and waits for you to embrace that part of yourself.

Lilith in Sagittarius:

The adventurer and philosopher, Sagittarius Lilith, will travel to every corner of the world to find truth and meaning. You crave new experiences and freedom. But can be limited in the field of communication.

Lilith in Capricorn:

Capricorn Lilliths are ambitious and ruthless. Their resilience and rigidity attract them to positions of power. They tend to oppose those in authority. Their outward success conflicts with their inner desire for peace. Although they may appear to be in control from the outside, to truly have it all they need to connect more to their emotional side.

Lilith in Aquarius:

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Aquarius Lilith wants to break free from conventions. They are individualistic and unbindable. Their obsession with humanity on a grand scale makes it difficult for them to form intimate bonds. Either way, they’re adored by everyone and could start a revolution if they wanted to.

Lilith in Pisces:

The dream sign of Pisces can be disconnected from reality. Those with a Pisces Lilith can get lost in fantasy and are prone to getting away from it all. Nevertheless, they are sensitive, creative and imaginative. They want to understand everything about themselves and others.

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